Alternative to side marker lights

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Mar 27, 2003
Lompoc, CA
I was rooting around in Cabela's (
Bargain Cave (Exterior Automotive) and found the following item marked down to $99.95 from $159.95. Feedback to follow. BigMac

"Mito Corporation Lighted Wide Angle Signal. A fully functional signal mirror and a convex mirror for expanded visibility all in one. When a turn signal is activated, a flashing LED chevron appears in the corresponding Signal Mirror to alert drivers in your blindspots of your turn. And if your hazard flashers are activated both chevrons flash. The view provided by the smaller convex design reflects images in your blind spot until they can be seen in your rearview mirror and finally your peripheral view. Kit includes two Wide Angle Signal Mirrors, one wiring kit and complete instructions. Mounted directly onto your vehicle's exterior rearview mirrors. Designed to fit virtually any vehicle. Professional installation recommended."
Here's an alternative idea I adopted from a fellow Canuck (John MacDonald) :

  • Buy some cheap truck marker lights
  • Remove the lower plastic insert found below the mirrors
  • Dremel out a rectangle so you can countersink the marker lenses down thru the inserts
  • Tap into your signals and run wires back thru the e-compartment , across into the door and thru to the mirror cavity
  • Hook these wires to your new marker lights
  • Have a few beers ... :D
  • Buy a few good sized convex stick on mirrors and apply to your mirrors inner/lower aspects

Voila ... no blind spot and 360° signalage - all for less than $20 US

Cheers ,

I am going to be putting on some side marker turn signals. But, i dont want anything too bulky. So, i have been periodically checking out junk yards for side markers. Ironically, some BMW's,Saabs & mercedes have some sweet, smaller low proifile looking side turn signals. Once I find a set i like..i plan on installing them. I know the new BMW's have a kind of cool looking triangle looking side turn signal.

only 1 problem...i dont know if i have the heart or the balls to put a piece from a BMW/SAAB/MERCEDES on my LC! :D

I received the LED mirrors today and I'm very impressed with the quality, (from Sheboygan!). Will report when installed. They offer a slick heated replacement for the 100 series. BigMac
I prefer my method of idicating I'm turning.

Turn, roll down window and flick :flipoff2: at everyone beeping their frickin horns. :flipoff2:

I would rather buy a bit more armor and just plow em over if they get in the way.
You have to wonder why Toyota didn't just deliver Cruisers to N.A. with the same side-marker fenders as they did for everywhere else in the world.

Seems like it would have been cheaper than manufacturing vehicles without the markers just for our market, when so few trucks were actually sent here.

R -

I'm not sure how much the DOT likes those things. There may be some additional hoops to jump through to get them "blessed"

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