Advance Adapters question???

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Apr 28, 2010
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Hi there guys, this is my first post I’m a rookie 1h8mudder, so here it goes…:bounce:I have a fj62:bounce2: in stock condition that have some plans for, nothing to fancy or hard core, but I am seriously considering doing a Chevy v8 and 4l60/700r tranny swap for a little bit more power:D, I’ve seen info of this swap posted by a couple of people here on the forum…

Since a want to keep the stock fj62 transfer case I’m aware that I need an adapter from AA (P/N: 50-8903) or something similar to bolt it all together and probably a few others I don’t recall at the moment…

My question is how will this adapter hold up to daily use, can I expect any problems regarding strength? Or something breaking?:mad:

Any info will be appreciated… Thxs!!
Conversions for all the LC different series have been around forever. If they were not proven and durable, they would have gone the way of the dodo.
That being said, anthying can be broken if you install enough HP and use/abuse beyond a 'reasonable' means.

Do what you want, can do or afford to pay.
thxs man!

my plan is not to go big, maybe a small lift and some bigger tires 32's or 33's, no bigger than that... :D

I just heard a few comments from guys regarding the AA kit's strength and that got me thinking… the kit isn’t cheap $$ and it would suck if the damn thing breaks on me on the first stomp on the gas pedal… :bang:
Several people have had some big power plants and haven't broken them but as stated previously any component will break if you abuse it. But a stock v8 or even mildly built will be no problem for the adapters.
How much is that adapter? I recall a friend telling me he had priced it out, I recall that it was spendy. You might want to consider (this is just an idea) swapping the T-case to something GM as well and getting a rear axle with a centered diff. In the end you could have a lower crawl ratio, a stronger rear axle, rear disk brakes and money left over. This, of course, depends on your mechanical aptitude and junkyard scavenging skills.
I got my adapter, engine mounts, cross member, and headers from AA and it was all around $1300 I think. I have a spreadsheet if anyone needs to know exactly, but that is in the ballpark. I dealt with Mike Partridge at AA and he is a stellar guy that went out of his way to make sure everything worked. I even had problems with the bracket they sent me for my tcase shifter and they made a one off piece and shipped it out which worked great, along with a one off cross member. I just got my truck running so I've pretty much finished all the research so if anyone needs help figuring out costs or needs information, feel free to pm me.
for AA parts.....get ahold of georg ,aka, orangefj45 here on mud, he can set you up and a good guy to deal with.
I bougth two of these adapters in the past.. x2 about buying from george or any Advance Adapter distributor. Most times it will be cheaper than buying from AA direct. I asked AA about this and to see if they would match the cheaper price... their response was that they cannot under-sell their distributors. So I bought from the distributor for cheaper.
The Adaptor is plently strong. There really isn't much to go wrong in the adaptor itself. All it is is a bearing and housing. I did it with the built in vss adaptor 5.7/4l60e and it worked great. If I had to do it again I would seriously consider a chevy t case and rear axle. If your staying spring under axle though the adaptor is most likely your best bet.

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