Added rear recovery hooks

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Mar 6, 2009
Between pixels
I don't believe my truck came with any rear recovery hooks when I purchased it and I recently joined a 4x4 club where front and rear recovery hooks were mandatory. I had a ring attachment I could use with my trailer hitch, but thought it might be better to have a permanent recovery hook on each side of the truck after watching some vehs being recovered during a couple of trail runs. So to make a long story short I added two recovery hooks I pulled off the front of a GMC pickup at the wreckers. The mtg holes did not match, but I welded the rear holes and redrilled them. The hooks did not detract from the departure angle due to the trailer hitch, and I like the look. I will keep them until I can afford or fab up a rear steel bumper.
Download - 5 May 2009 468.jpg
Download - 5 May 2009 469.jpg
Download - 5 May 2009 466.jpg
what size and grade bolt did you use?

good idea, looks sharp!

Thanks. The bolts are M12 x 1.25 x 70 mm Lg (Grade 8.8) which I picked up at ****py Tire. I also used the mtg plate that was inside the frame rails of the pickup as a spacer after I drilled out the threaded holes.

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