A Strange Problem in 80 Land Cruiser (1 Viewer)

Sep 2, 2005
I recently bought a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser, which has done 99000 Miles.
I am satisfied with its performance but recently faced a strange problem.
I got it serviced from the company and changed the CV joints since clicking sounds started coming from the wheels.

The problem the vehicle goes wobbling / shaking when I am in a speed of 80 Mph.

Please let me what might be the problem.

Thank you
Oct 14, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
Yer speedin'

Could be tire balance, do ya feel it through the body or the steering wheel?

Not sure if incorrect driveshaft phase is speed specific, but its another possibility.

I'd take it back to them and make them fix it because I'm sure it wasn't cheap to have them do the birf job.
Apr 10, 2003
Kansas City, MO
Most mechanics have no idea what they are doing when they do a birf job....

That said, take it back to them. Sounds like it could be loose wheel bearings, unproperly tightened trunions, etc. Kinda dangerous if it's one of those. Kinda as in really.

You could see for yourself if it's one of those by jacking one of your front wheels up, grabbing it at 9 and 3, and try to move it in and out. If it does, see if you can have someone look inside the wheel and see what all is moving with it. If it's just the wheel, it's wheel bearings. If it's the wheel, brake rotor, and hub assembly, it might be the trunions.

If it only does it over 80mph, Kliers might be more correct with the wheel balance driveshaft theory.

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