A/C Problem

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Oct 19, 2005
Nashville, TN
Ok, so I decided to try the A/C compressor to see if it works (belt was missing when I purchased it) The thing blows cold air, but every minute or so when idling the engine will rev up to 1500 rpm's and down to idle and continue this cycle several times then quit. What is this? Surely this is not normal for the 60 series? Anyone else have this problem?
There is an A/C idle up solenoid, which is controlled by the A/C amplifier under the passenger side dash (hidden up high with a little blue knob on it. When the solenoid opens, vacuum is transmitted from the intake manifold (where the brake booster gets it's vacuum) to the A/C idle up diaphragm on the carburetor (on the front of the DS of the carburetor). There is an adjustment screw to change the idle speed when the solenoid opens.

Do you have the factory service manual? It describes all this in the engine manual. If not, search here for A/C idle and there should be some pictures.

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