A/C Noise--little help please

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Sep 29, 2003
Bentonville, AR
Got a strange noise coming from my AC compressor. I have replaced the idler pulley and belt. I have not replaced the A/C clutch. Rig has 129k on it.

The noise sounds like a hollow hiss/whine. The noise reduces significantly when I engage the A/C. I consulted my FSM and the sight glass looks to be in spec. The A/C unit cools very well and removes condensation/fog from the inside of the glass very well (its drying the air well).

Any ideas what my issue is?



Mine does this too and Ive done the same as you with a new belt and idler pulley . Im pretty sure its the clutch but for the work of replaceing it I'm just going to put a remaned or new compressor on it since I have a great feeling that it will s*** the bed as soon as I replace the clutch :frown:

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