A/C Heater Probs

Feb 15, 2016
Salt Lake City, UT
Hey fellow Cruisers,
I live in Northern Utah, which means in September you use your heater in the morning and A/C in the afternoon. My daily drive is about 15 miles, and my a/c or heater won't kick on until I'm about pulling into my work in the morning or pulling into my driveway at night (usually about 10-15 mins after starting and driving). I would think that the compressor is ok, cause once it kicks on it blows out ok. Although it has never seemed to be able to fully defrost this vehicle, and the A/C seems like it can't fully cool the back seats, just the front two seats.
Any suggestions on electrical issues, or compressor or whatever you may think. Thanks!

Aloha Jen

Jun 17, 2015
Oahu, HI
If you want to investigate the AC problem yourself, go to AutoZone, see if they rent/loan AC tools in your area, get the set of AC manifold gauges and see if the gauge readings are correct in your FSM for hi and lo pressure. You can also run some AC dye through your AC system (via the manifold gauges) to see if you have a leak in the system somewhere. I also got the loaner UV dye locater kit from Autozone as well. If you have leak in the system somewhere, Identify it, fix it, and recharge the system with some Freon and those same rented/loaner AutoZone AC tools. It sounds complicated, but we had no AC experience before fixing ours. Just watched some YouTube videos on how to do each process. Its pretty simple and it saves a ton of money. Just be sure to be safe with the recharge process if you have to go that route, it can be dangerous if done improperly....so just do it properly!
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