1. fb67k1

    Wanted  1978 FJ40 Front Heater Assembly Part

    Looking for either the white plastic washer or the entire rod that attaches to the front heater manual selector as indicated in the attached image. Any info will be much appreciated.
  2. gmr76

    SOLD  73-84 FJ40 front heater duct (Northern VA)

    Not my pic (sorry if it is yours) but it shows the part I am looking for. Thought I would start here before I hit up the normal parts places. Shipping is to 22192
  3. C123MS

    Wanted  Heater gate for 1980 FJ40 front heater

    Looking for the top heater gate for the front heater on a 1980 fj40. Need the rod and the gate. It is the one that is above the heater core.
  4. icorradoi

    FJ40 Front and Rear Heater Paint

    I've searched and came up with very little. Is there a preferred choice of rattle can paint being used when rebuilding the front and rear heaters? Looking for something close to the factory colors for the black metal, pewter, and gray plastic parts of the heaters. Thanks!
  5. R

    Heater not working...kinda

    Hey guys, Tried searching other threads but wasn't able to find this exact issue on a 100 series (2000 Toyota Land Cruiser). When I put temp to 85 (MAX) hot air blows just fine out of the front vents. If I put the temp to about 80 I’m getting significantly cooler air and at 75 it’s straight...
  6. eikelben

    Rear auxiliary heat blows hot; dash vents only just warm

    The temperature has been dropping around here and it's my first winter with the Land Cruiser. I had always enjoyed the blazing heat that my 2003 Tacoma produced and from what I've read, the FZJ80s produce the same sort of temps when functioning correctly. Mine, however, does not. I adjusted...
  7. Godfather90

    SOLD  FS 1978 FJ40 Rear Heater with lines and Fuel tank with cover- Very good condition- SoCal

    Hello All, I changed my fuel tank to a larger unit and as a result would like to sell the old fuel tank with the cover along with the rear heater with all the lines from the firewall back: There is no rust inside or outside this fuel tank. No leaks and all the fittings are in great...
  8. BrodetheToad

    For Sale  76 FJ40 rear heater assembly and lines

    Core has leaks. I attempted to plug them with JB weld to no avail. Leaks from points indicated on pictures by peace sign. Sandblasted, primed and coated. Finish did turn out perfect. Motor works when last tested. Comes with lines. Best Offer. Shipping additional at cost.
  9. scoobiedubes

    SOLD  Early Hupp box heater in AZ

    Bought this as a possible heater for the 28 build but won’t be using it. $60 plus shipping from Phoenix AZ. untested, good restoration candidate. This was a dealer installed option in some early cruisers. See link here for some background on these.
  10. N

    Wanted  Front heater core - 1971 FJ40

    Looking for a heater core in good condition for a 1971 FJ40. Can be the entire assembly or just the core- thanks!
  11. Drake2

    Trade  WI - 2 Used FJ40 Alternators for Pre-68 Front Heater Box / Working Pre-68 Wiper Motors / DualMatic Hubs

    I have had plenty of things for sale so let's try a trade this time. I received these 2 OEM alternators with a crate of misc parts I had shipped over from California. Both alternators spin but working condition is unknown. Would like to trade them for any of the following needed items...
  12. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - Coolant / Heater Union (9/73-9/83 / 40 & 55 Series according to SOR)

    Used union assembly from a 78 2F. Sandblasted clean and ready for your paint. $38 shipped in the 48 Paypal Friends & Family drake.m@phoenixdyno.com
  13. 400kcruiser

    For Sale  98-02 Lexus LX470 Woodgrain Climate Control

    Have this spare one. I switched over to black. It’s in great shape and everything works great on it. $400 shipped in the US or $350 if you send me the core. Thank you! 98 99 00 01 02 Lexus lx470 climate heater control assembly woodgrain
  14. AK72IronPig

    Rear Heater Fan to shaft connection?

    Trying to rebuild a crunched rear heater on my 4/72 Pig and the fan is free spinning on the motor shaft, was there a set screw there? shaft is not drilled thru to pin it. I appreciate the assist.
  15. paulzak

    Heat from rear heater even with working ctl valve off.

    Does anyone know why I may be getting significant heat from the rear heater (rear fan switch on) even with the dash temp control cold and no heat coming from the front? I have checked the valve and the control cable. Seems odd since the control should shut flow to the front and rear...
  16. 6

    Rear heater leak

    Hey guys, Looking for advice on a leaking rear heater. It's leaking around the control lever/switch. Just wondering if I can or should replace just this or do I need to change the whole core. Lots of hear from it and it past a pressure test perfect..... Just leaking from the control lever...
  17. Sherman Tank

    Heater hose routing and parts

    I have a 1984 HJ60 with the 2H motor. I drove it up from Panama, where someone removed the heater hoses under the hood as heat is not needed down there. Does anyone know where I can get that tower looking part on the back of the head that hose hooks to - or what that thing is or does? I now...
  18. Conrad67FJ40

    For Sale  1967 FJ40 Blower, blower duct and Heater

    1967 FJ40 Blower, Duct, Heater and Controls. Took out of my rig when I put AC in. Fan works, needs to be oiled. Heater core needs to have the nipple re-brazed. Otherwise all good. Have one side defrost duct and fitting. Make me an offer... Located in Houston TX I put in AC so I...
  19. Sherman Tank

    Heater Tubes HJ60

    Does anyone have access to the steel tubes that go across the injector/valve cover area connecting the heater core valve area to the head and water pump area?....or can rubber hose be used? My heater was totally bypassed because it was in Panama (not much need for heat there).
  20. MadMeak

    2006 LX thermostat/heater issues

    I’m dealing with a couple small issues on my 2006 LX and am looking for some help troubleshooting. #1. In the summer, my AC only blows cold on max AC. If I set it up to 65 or 72 it blows hot like it’s on HOT. #2. Just noticed this issue today. Temp setting turned all the way hot and my...
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