1. 6

    Rear heater leak

    Hey guys, Looking for advice on a leaking rear heater. It's leaking around the control lever/switch. Just wondering if I can or should replace just this or do I need to change the whole core. Lots of hear from it and it past a pressure test perfect..... Just leaking from the control lever...
  2. Sherman Tank

    Heater hose routing and parts

    I have a 1984 HJ60 with the 2H motor. I drove it up from Panama, where someone removed the heater hoses under the hood as heat is not needed down there. Does anyone know where I can get that tower looking part on the back of the head that hose hooks to - or what that thing is or does? I now...
  3. Conrad67FJ40

    For Sale 1967 FJ40 Blower, blower duct and Heater

    1967 FJ40 Blower, Duct, Heater and Controls. Took out of my rig when I put AC in. Fan works, needs to be oiled. Heater core needs to have the nipple re-brazed. Otherwise all good. Have one side defrost duct and fitting. Make me an offer... Located in Houston TX I put in AC so I...
  4. Sherman Tank

    Heater Tubes HJ60

    Does anyone have access to the steel tubes that go across the injector/valve cover area connecting the heater core valve area to the head and water pump area?....or can rubber hose be used? My heater was totally bypassed because it was in Panama (not much need for heat there).
  5. MadMeak

    2006 LX thermostat/heater issues

    I’m dealing with a couple small issues on my 2006 LX and am looking for some help troubleshooting. #1. In the summer, my AC only blows cold on max AC. If I set it up to 65 or 72 it blows hot like it’s on HOT. #2. Just noticed this issue today. Temp setting turned all the way hot and my...
  6. socaloffroad

    For Sale FJ55 Floor Heater

    I sold all of my parts and here is what is left, I still have a really clean heater for FJ55 or FJ40 I believe asking $100 OBO fj55 heater by socaloffroad posted Nov 22, 2018 at 11:16 AMfj55 heater by socaloffroad posted Nov 22, 2018 at 11:16 AMfj55 heater by socaloffroad posted Nov 22, 2018...
  7. C

    Heater Hose cut and clamped

    Hi all, picked up a 60 series recently and only just noticed (what i think is) the heater hose has been cut and clamped shut. Why would someone cut it? The only thing I can think of is a faulty thermostat or similar so the heater is always on...? Would this cause any issues with cooling, engine...
  8. gregnash

    60 Front Heater Core Clean-up

    Ok so figured there were a few threads out there about replacing the heater core and the amount of disassembly it takes to get to the bastard thing. However, there is nothing about steps going to there or thought process (what to do first) when one is experiencing issues. Some of you may know...
  9. socaloffroad

    For Sale FJ55 heater

    asking $80
  10. socaloffroad

    For Sale FJ55 heater

    asking $80 please contact me on my cell 858-361-3990
  11. J

    Wanted FJ40 Rear Heater

    I am looking for a working FJ40 rear heater (1977). I prefer something with decent sheet metal. I am not concerned with paint quality. Jeff
  12. J

    Wanted FJ40 Rear Heater Top

    I am looking for a rear heater top like the one pictured below. I just need the top portion. Thanks! Jeff
  13. incudie

    No Heat - Not overheating

    So I recently did the heater Ts, timing belt, water pump, thermostat, etc. Everything has been working great since then EXCEPT, my heater doesn't seem to blow hot air unless I put it to max. =/ Previously, the digital temperature control seemed to work fine with smooth HVAC control. The engine...
  14. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Heater under Second Row Heater (Heats cargo area and Third Row)

    SoCal, this is located under second row in addition to the one under the first row passenger area. From a 1997 Toyota FJ80. $40. Local pickup preferred but it could be shipped at your cost. This is a California car and i am not used to and do not need to have three heaters in the car.
  15. J

    Hose Junction

    The following heater hose junction coming off the fitting located in head of my 1977 FJ40 seems to be unavailable from Toyota. Has anyone found a substitute or workaround for the hose junction? Thanks! Jeff
  16. C

    For Sale Heater and Blower 69 FJ40

    $200 Heater and blower out of a 1969 FJ40 Both are in good working condition. Nevada City, CA
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale All AC parts for FJ80 AND HEATERS

    SoCal I have parts for all different years of FJ80 1991, 1993, 1994m, 1996, 1997 from several part out cars including: Compressor, Idler Pulleys AC lines AC amplifiers coils Condensors AC control units etc. Heater control valves NO HEATER CORES PLEASE CONTACT WITH YOUR YEAR LANDCRUISER...
  18. S

    Does Anyone Know Part number of this

    i just only waDoes anyone know part number of this 03+ toyota land cruiser heater corebox valve (87150-60790) 's AIR DUCT I WANT THAT TWO AIRDUCT ONLY please let me know if you have any information to share thnx
  19. S

    Please tell me part number of heater ac controls 03+ dial type connectors plug

    Does anyone know part number of this heater ac controls 03+ dial type connectors plug i want connector plug please let me know if anyone know something about this
  20. VirginiaSlim

    HVAC Fan Problem 2004 LX470

    I've been searching the forums for a week or two, but can't seem to figure out this little issue. I have several issues with the HVAC system (2004 LX Levinson Nav Head Unit). First issue which started 2 weeks ago: My front HVAC fan does not come on at all. Rear climate control still works...
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