air conditiner

  1. Just Diddly

    A/C refuses to turn off

    Hello everyone, first time poster here! About two weeks ago I finally managed to get a 1993 FZJ80 and join the LC club (lifelong Toyota owner though). The truck has some things that needed to be addressed and fixed that I was aware of and most of those fixes are coming along seamlessly. However...
  2. O

    2000 LX470 Air Conditioner issue

    I've searched the threads but couldn't find answers to my following issue. My AC started blowing warm air a couple months ago so I took it in and got it recharged. They also put dye in at the time and last week it started blowing warm again. Took it in and mechanic diagnosed leak in condensor...
  3. lewscruise

    A/C Heater Probs

    Hey fellow Cruisers, I live in Northern Utah, which means in September you use your heater in the morning and A/C in the afternoon. My daily drive is about 15 miles, and my a/c or heater won't kick on until I'm about pulling into my work in the morning or pulling into my driveway at night...
  4. Docktormike

    Wanted FJ55 add on Air conditioner

    anybody got a line on an add-on A/C system? Thought I saw one posted but can't find it.
  5. 40thSagePearl

    Climate Control Recirculation Stuck on fresh air

    I'm in the process of replacing a ton of center console and dash bulbs on my lexus lx450 (1996 locked with 172k) I recently noticed that there is always air blowing through my air vents and that the air recirculation feature is not working. I have pressed the button andnthe light changes over on...
  6. ModisetteJ

    A/C Vendor

    So last summer I found someone who sold the air conditioner parts for the 60's, and now I can't find it anywhere. I'm doing this thread so future bozo's like me that aren't as good at navigating the search bar will be able to find it easier. Does anyone know who the people are that sell that...
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