A/C Fan Noise

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Mar 28, 2003
DFW Area

1994, A/C on high, recirc and only the center vents open.

2 days ago I pulled up to a red light and all of a sudden (instantaneously) my blower fan sounds like a helicopter landing on my roof (I actually looked around to try and find one)! When you turn the fan down low it sounds like something is hitting the fan blade up under the dash. I haven't had time to investigate and was hoping it would just go away on its own. Anybody have this problem before? Is the fan easy to access for inspection?

Something could be lodged in the fan or the motor could be shooting craps.... It comes out the bottom of the blower case at the passenger's feet.(box closest to the outside of the vehicle.
Thanks for the help Cdan.

Finally got around to pulling out the fan and there was a candy wrapper stuck in it. Must have sucked it in from somewhere. Amazing how much noise it made! Fan was really easy to R&R unlike some other vehicles I've worked on. :banana:

Thanks again :)

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