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  1. P

    Dome light fuse

    The dome light fuse was blowing when I put it in. I recently found that the moonroof plug in the left kick panel had separated. I now find that the dome light fuse is fine as long as the moonroof plug is separated. Once I plug in the moonroof the dome fuse blows immediately. The blue/yellow...
  2. socaloffroad

    For Sale  2 FJ55 Dome Lights

    selling both for $50 dome lights by socaloffroad posted Nov 22, 2018 at 11:16 AMdome lights by socaloffroad posted Nov 22, 2018 at 11:16 AM
  3. MoJ

    Alarm removal, wire corrosion, and a dome light

    Last weekend I tackled the job of removing the Toyota alarm from Cruiser #5 (1995). All in the job isn’t bad. A few notes: 1. If you’ve had a sunroof leak or your dome light doesn’t work when opening the drivers door, you should inspect the alarm tee connector that is under the drivers sill...
  4. DeeRex

    Stock light added to rear hatch

    hey guys- for those of you that have added a stock dome light into your hatch... Did you just screw the four screws into the plastic in the hatch? Or did you add any backing? Looking to install one or two this weekend.
  5. travisimo

    Door Ajar Light, Dome Light Won't Go Off

    So, I was at Windrock a while back and noticed my door ajar light kept intermittently coming on and going off, then it just stayed on. Let me preface this with, yes i've looked at past threads but most of them end in the same place. I've actually already had to replace a door switch before...
  6. madams557

    Wanted  2008 200-series Rear Dome Light Ensemble

    Reaching out to see if any one is planning on installing a roof mounted DVD or drop down screen where the rear dome light is in their 200 series. I have an aftermarket dvd player that came with the cruiser and I am strongly considering removing it as it is an eyesore and never used. Before I...
  7. JohnnyC

    Early HT Dome light LED upgrade

    I just did an early hardtop dome light upgrade to LED light. The light insert is a new product from Odd Iron Off Road Link: Over view of Odd Iron Off Road and offerings for Land Cruisers and off road vehicles Very impressed at how well this was put together ... well thought out for sure...
  8. SW20

    Wanted  1982 FJ40 Interior Dome Light

    Looking for a interior dome light or the cap of the dome light. This light has 2 wires and connects to the door switches so it turns on when the doors are open. They light cap will also have 3 positions and have "Door, Off, and On".
  9. W

    LC 100 Dome Light Question/Pic Request

    Hey guys, I'm working on replacing the nasty old DVD player that came with our 2006 LC 100 with a factory dome light. I'm HOPING to source a used one, but before I go looking, were any changes made to the dome lights over the years? Ex. Will a 2000 model dome light fit a 2006 LC? Could...
  10. FloridaCruiser22

    Dome light issue

    The rear dome light works fine (the one over the 2nd row seats), the map light works fine (the one to the very front), but the front dome light has some weird issue. When you set the front dome light to ON, it comes on, no problem. The problem is when you set it to door, the light comes on...
  11. wngrog

    SOLD  Sold

    CityRacer product. $30 shipped. New.
  12. Gun Runner 5

    Early Dome Light

    Does anyone have a source either OEM or aftermarket for the early 40 Series dome light lens? Thanks
  13. Loober

    HZJ77 door dome light issue

    Hoping someone could help me diagnose my dome light issue. My dome lights work when in the on position, but when in door, only the passenger front comes on with the door open, the other three do not. The indicator light on the dash also only works for the one door. I've determined it is not the...
  14. thewall151

    FJ60 dome light issues

    My fj60 front dome light came on while driving home and flickered. All my doors work well with the light. Should I simply buy new fixture or is it an electrical issue ? Where to start thank you.
  15. GaryN

    For Sale  [CA] front passenger dome light - OEM

    original light from a 97 LC - comes as pictured $20 + shipping
  16. Varty Yo

    Wanted  Dome light switch

    Im after a new dome light switch for my 42 its a 24v. I just need the striker part thats in the door jam. Mine had rusted up or the spring inside is broken.
  17. flintknapper

    99 LX470 Dome Light function..............?

    Hopefully, this will not sound too confusing. Wife has been working until after dark lately (Tax Season) and when She goes to get in the Lexus....the Dome Light (up front) does not come on when unlocking the door (key FOB) or when opening the door. Come to find out, it is not supposed to...
  18. AUGuy

    Any tips for locating a bad ground in the rear dome circuit?

    Almost positive I've got a bad ground somewhere in between the Rear LH/Rear RH Courtesy Switches and the Dome light. As so many dome light threads have gone, the rear dome will come on while switched to ON position, but does nothing when switched to DOOR. Additionally, the little panel lights...
  19. pengfinn

    Clock works; however dome lights and radio do not.

    Hey mud, long time lurker here. So I recently picked up a '91 80-series with >350k on the dash and need some assistance troubleshooting an electric issue. So my clock works, but the dome light and the radio does not. I've checked all fuses (dome, radio, cig) and all of them are good. Pulling...
  20. Ellison

    Three issues I can't seem to solve

    Drivers side seatbelt clip in to section is loose. I have to dig it out and lift it up to buckle up. I don't see a bolt that I can tighten. Any advice? Drivers side back seat, bench style, retractable lap belt is locked. Most threads discuss adding the shoulder belt. I just want to know how to...
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