95 Spark Advance

Dec 25, 2003
I put new plugs and plug wires (NGK) in my LC last weekend and it make it run smoother. I put the bosh four prong plugs in it because they don't need gaping ( I tend to think gaping plugs a set of plugs uniformly is impossible, resulting in six cylinders running on different curves. This gives your computer an impossible problem to solve).

Anyway, today I advanced the timing. It was around, what I believe is a "3", and I advanced it to midpoint between the "3"
and the "10". It made a world of difference. The engine is much more agressive. I run 87 octane and didn't hear any pinging.
Dec 15, 2003
I've been wanting to do this, but i wasn't sure how much to advance it. I've seen some say as much as 9 degrees (12 TDC). Sounds like you went about 4. I think I'll try somewhere between 4 and 6.

Dec 19, 2003
I have advanced mine about 4 and it seems to have a lot more grunt to it, loves the bottom end but as it goes with a straight six, still weak around red line - just one of the downfalls to all the bottom end torque!! I think I will try bummping mine up a little more and see if it keeps getting better!!
Dec 28, 2003
I advanced mine 7 degree's from stock, can't really tell much of a difference. I was hoping to *maybe* pick up a gallon per mile.


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Oct 12, 2003
Middleburg, Florida

The most serious negative effect advanced timing will have on the engine is "detonation" (clattering, knocking, pinging) :whoops:. Higher octane gas helps reduce this, but sometimes the timing has to be retarded until the detonation stops :D. If the engine is allowed to continue detonating, it will cause extremely high combustion chamber temperatures, which will in turn cause hot spots on top of the pistons and in the compression ring area :eek:. This high temp and increased pressure can (worse case scenerio) burn a hole in the top of a piston or cause a piston compression ring groove failure :slap:. Supercharged and turbo charged engines have a real problem fighting detonation and run lower compression pistons and retarded timing to reduct the chances of detonation. As long as the engine is not detonating, advanced timing will not hurt the engine :D.

Wayne S :cheers:

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