89 fj62 part vehicle for sale $1,000 obo

Discussion in 'FJ60 | FJ62 | BJ60 | HJ61' started by gunxclimber, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Jan 28, 2007
    New Paltz, NY
    My trusty old fj62 has to go. Been sitting for a year. bfg at 31x10.5xr15 with approx 50% tread left. Not worth fixing up but plenty of useful parts.
    not getting good gas milage
    exhaust leak
    banged up a few times
    rear diff leaks
    front axle seals are bad
    missing one window switch
    tailgate window area rusty
    I spray painted my mirrors black but they still work, drivers side morror shakes so its hard to see anything, may be fixable?
    newish radiator has only 20-30k on it
    rebuilt alternator by a local shop
    tranny works
    transfer case works
    tires are good
    drivers window switch works
    windows are all intact
    new used brake master cylender
    Located in new patlz ny, 12561. you must come and tow it away
    Any questions? I'll try to answer them...
    back.JPG side.JPG tires.JPG
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