87 BJ74 4 door land cruiser

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Aug 27, 2013
Hi All,
I am new to this site. I have a 87 BJ74 4dr with A440F auto transmission. Can anyone tell me if this is a reliable trans? I am on my second rebuild now. I dont work it to hard. I am in eastern Canada and most have not even seen one of these before. Hard time finding anyone who has a clue or is even willing to give me a strait up answer as to its performance. I have been having performance issues. Got a new turbo (think old one was fine after changing) refurbished the injectors and getting 500km now to a tank. Still seems kinda low but can live with it if normal. This is a gem of a truck and have so much into it now i would need a sick amount for it to let it go. Also getting fluctuating temps and fuel amounts on gauges simultaniously. Are these guages connected?(fuel and temp) Its probably nothing but i would feel better if i knew exactly how hot it is running.

Do any of you happen to have a link to an expert, perhaps in Australia that i can chat with when i have issues. Its so frustrating dealing with the folks arround here. I am borderline putting it up for sale but have about 30k wrapped up in it. Totally new in many respects.
Thanks and have a good day.
Its an old style trans and is the same as a north american fj6#, so I don't understand the head scratching. A1 automatics ship rebuilt a440 trans all over the world .I don't think they even want a core. They are in Melbourne I think. They also have upgrades available.
They are a bit inefficient by today's standards'but reliability is never an issue when serviced properly.

Edit That should be Wholesale Automatics in Melbourne
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4 door

Four side doors. No joke. Only about 2000 made i think. Never have seen another. Its a prototype of sorts.
Its good to know that i can get one if i need it. Hopefully this time the new transmission shop can identify the issue and fix for good.
ah, yes, i actually considered bidding on one back in the day but passed. i do have the write up describing who did the conversion (not toyota) and why ... pretty interesting.
did you get it from Mustang in BC?
Conversion? I am almost positive this vehicle was a prototype built by Toyota. I have seen other BJ74's virtually identical in most ways. Factory lifts, PTO, 13BT engines...The only difference is it is a four speed automatic as most that made it to North America are H55F 5 speed from what i can find. I tracked the serial number to the factory. Its rare, and yes i did get it in BC. I have put about 15k into it since.
nope, not built by Toyota but if you want to believe it was, please carry on.
the BJ74 came with either auto or manual.
toyota never offered a factory lift
How about some pics?? I am guessing this is the one?

ah, yes, i actually considered bidding on one back in the day but passed. i do have the write up describing who did the conversion (not toyota) and why ... pretty interesting.
did you get it from Mustang in BC?

Would like to see the write up if your able to post it to the forum?
i posted it back a while on another thread.
i will see if i can find it again, i lost a lot of info in the last computator crash.
i forget the company that did the conversions, if i remember correctly a dealership in Japan was contacted by peeps wanting a 4 door family vehicle looking like the 7* series. the dealership contacted this company and sub'd it out. once the word got out they started producing more

of course once Toyota saw there was a desire and demand in 1990 they produced their own 77/78 model ...
i the article there are pics of the white on and a grey unit.
I would be interested in proof of this. I have seen three 2 door BJ74's Identical to mine and apparently factory lifted as well. Again, we traced the serial number on the fire wall and found that arround 2400 of them were made. At any rate, its a gem and like you say, looks very simular to the later ones Toyota made. I have painted the truck twice and powder coated the ugly chrome bumper.
It will be for sale for 35k once i get the transmission rebuilt if anyone is crazy enough to pay it. Otherwise i plan to drive it into the grave. FYI Here in the potash mines they still drop brand new 70 series down the mine shafts. They come at a price of 60k for the drive line before they are assembled underground they are 80 to 90k once they finish them.
3 X 2 door BJ74s? or 3 X 4 door BJ74s?

i have sold at least two dozen BJ74s over the last decade in Canada.

i passed on the modified BJ74 4 door due to rust at the bodywork locations, the one from Mustang had rust as well.

there were NO factory lifted BJ74, if you believe there were then pull up the part numbers for the springs and shocks ... i have no problem changing my facts.

someone shot you a line of crap and you are gobbling it up.
There is no way this vehicle was not built by toyota. They would have to have bought the truck from toyota and modified the Cab if that is what you mean. your story does not make any sense. A shop down the street builds a Toyota and puts Toyota on it? Get real.
another line of s***, i know what ENS pays for brand new 79 series cab and chassis and it is NO WHERE near $60K. once the mods are done they are slightly more than the $60K finished.
curious, why would ANYONE pay $35K when that sold at auction for $6K, mustang marked it up at his sale (which makes complete sense)
you can get a HZJ77 for under $30K in excellent shape and low km and full load.
you can get a PZJ77 for under #20K in excellent shape and low km.
you can get a LJ78 for under $6K in excellent shape and low km
you can get a KZJ78 for under $15K in excellent shape and low km

you need to study your info for facts before posting up, those of us that know the facts just :lol: when we read this s***.
Thats nice. But your story still makes no sense. You can try to discredit the quality of my vehicle if you like. There are very few of these things in North america and even fewer are in as good of shape as mine.
Well, thats not a big deal then. He implies that it was built by someone else. So the body work was modified (perhaps) bid deal. Still origional toyota BJ74 and the model was copied by toyota.
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