For Sale 85 FJ60 done just right......

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with some reluctance, I am putting my Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 up for sale.

It is white, rust free, with 87,000 original miles. I am the second owner. Original owner was a "little, old man from Arizona" sold it five years ago with 55,000 K on the clock. complete with all service records including the original window sticker. His wife cried as I pulled her mall wheel drive gem out of the covered garage bound for Alaska with it....

I drove it straight to Man-a-Fre and had them do it right....they put in new springs, shocks, steering stabilizer, mean green alternator, loud horn, bright lights,Aus sideview mirrors, plus 4 bumper on the front ( my cruiser is the one in their advertisment for their bumper) 12,000 pound warn winch, optima battery. I had it shipped up to Alaska in a covered car carrier.....Once up here in Alaska, but before it was driven, installed Solid Rock rear bumper w/ swingout spare tire deal....and rock guards. I put in the Austrialian vinyl floor, hella fog lights. 33" BFG mud terrains for the summer and 31" studded hakapellitas for winter.... I also had Line-X sprayed ont he lower panels to protect the lower panels from road damage....
Been a great ride and has been very reliable... Just had the carb rebuilt by Mark Whatley and Cruiser's Only. He has done all the repairs except for the custom exhaust system I had put on six months ago. I have never spared any expense in this build.

The dash has a couple of cracks from old sun damage and the body has two dents from golf balls as the OE had it parked near a golf course.

Long story, long it has NEVER been rallied or been off road, ever....Only locked the hubs for the winter in Alaska.

This is one of the nicest, rust free Land Cruisers that I have seen. There are a few mud members who have seen this one before. It would take very little to get this into like new condition if someone wanted to do that.

12,500.00 Located in Seward Alaska or for about 1200 dollars more can ship it down to Seattle/Tacoma in 4 days.

Be a great vacation to come up to Alaska and drive it around and then down the AlCAN this summer.
Darn nice rig. Done just right is right. Already have a plan to ride the alcan on a harley this summer. Wonder if it could tow that beauty....
I think my wife is seeing a way for her to get off the back of the Harley, any interior pics? :idea:
PM sent. Can you post more pics? :hmm:

I will post some more photos this weekend of the interior, engine bay and under carrage. I also have an apraisal that was done before I bought it with all the before photos. If I can figure a way to scan it in on the internet - Picasa? I will do that too on Sunday afternoon.
more photos

couple more photos as requested still have the 31" winter tires on. Changing over to the BFG M/T 33''s this week.
Very cool. I think it looks better with the 31" tires! Of course, I live in Los Angeles.

You reference little would be done to bring this vehicle to "like new condition." What did you have in mind?Any upcoming preventive maintenance issues/concerns that you foresee?
I have gotten a ton of great information or Mud members and thought it might be nice to offer it here first. I will sell it on Craigslist at the end of the month.

As far as the "the bad" or " is there anything wrong" catagory: There are some rock chips in the front of the hood that could use touch up and I am not that happy with the installation of the vinyl floor. I didn't do as good a job as I would have liked. It came from Australia and I am not going to pay that shipping twice. It is a decent install but not "like new"
Mechanically it is very sound. Before I sell it to anyone, I will have Mark Whatley at Cruisers Only go through it before I turn over the keys, to make sure it is in top condition. For the price, it is ony fair.
Drool! Very nice 60. GL with the sale!
If I wasn't hip deep in building my 40, I might have to take the trip down. That is one nice looking 60.
Do you still have your fj 60 for sale? If so, would you feel comfortable that someone could buy your truck and drive it to the lower 48 without any mechanical problems? I have been looking for the right fj 60 for some time. Might consider making a mini adventure out of the purchase.

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