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If anyone has a nice set in brown, please let me know. Thanks!
Hey folks, Looking for an fj60 or Fj62. Prefer manual but auto is great too. Price range is up to $12,000. Prefer a daily driver that needs a tad bit of work but something that needs minimal repair is also fine. I am located in GA. Have cash and ready to make a deal! Shoot me a PM and let me know what you got!
Looking for a clean 60 with no rot. I have a 2H spare engine that I'd like to drop into it. Anyone have one, let me know. Thanks
Looking for a non-running project FJ60/62. Let me know what you've got, title preferred.
Hi everyone! I'm new as can be to IH8Mud, but happy to be here after searching for a good one for the past several months (and largely coming up short). I'm coming from a '96 Buick Roadmaster (RIP) and drive around the country pretty often photographing & exploring. Have a pretty limited budget (~$10k, 15 MAX) and have dreamt of an LC of any kind for years and years. I feel that finding a 100 series is my best bet for something reliable, but am equally as interested in a 60 or 80 if I can find the right deal. It doesn't have to be pretty inside, and even a little bit of rust won't scare me off. Looking to adopt a reliable thing that I can do some modest upgrades on / grow with for the next decade +. Tired of losing at BaT. Anyways...
Looking to buy a rust free `85-`87 60 under ~175k miles. Clean interior and as close to stock as possible. Would rather not have to do a complete windows-out paint job, so exterior in nice shape as well. Not tied to a specific color, but would like it to be original factory color with repaints being on the table. Open to some mods, but don't need a 3" lift, 33" tires and ARB bumpers. A HF55 would be amazing, but not a deal breaker if it has the 4-speed. Can do the swap myself. I'm located in Los Angeles, so I'd rather not go down the rabbit hole with a desmogged vehicle. I know what I'm asking for, so my budget is comparable. Thanks! -Rob
Looking for a truck to start a long term build. Manual preferred FJ60 rolling chassis Rust free or little rust Gray interior or other (just not brown) Hoping mostly complete Running engine / trans not reqd, missing is fine That's it!
Looking for a FJ60 only. Budget is 10-12k. Looking for one I can not feel guilty using, but isnt being eaten away by rust. Will be primary daily driver vehicle. Any questions, please just ask 👍
Looking at an FJ62 guys asking 24k and this is my first one which is why I’m posting. My plans are to use it as a daily driver during the winter months and a cruise around town vehicle the rest of the year. He says it’s got an engine replacement approx 160k ago, and a replacement tranny in 2006 I believe. My plans are for it daily commute will be approx 60 miles for 3-4 months then 60 miles a couple times a week. Does anyone know the vehicle? It looks really good and is clean from everything I have seen. What is your experience using these as a partial daily driver? Not worried about mpg, speed, etc… thanks for all of your time and help! 1990 FJ62 Land Cruiser walk around - 1990 FJ62...
Hi All I'm searching for front bumper for my FJ60 1984 If anyone have any idea where to get it... it will be helpful 😌 Please PM me Thanks all agine.
Hi! I am looking for a bumper to fit an 86 Toyota Land Cruiser. If anyone is selling, please let me know. Also to find a suspension kit for the cruiser and I can’t a kit anywhere. If anyone knows if someone, let me know! Thank you!
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