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John Staton

Oct 23, 2017
The Woodlands, TX
Ok, so when I got my truck a few years ago I had a weak alternator. I had it replace and it has worked fine, but about a week ago I was at the deer lease filling feeders and it would not start. I had a lithium NOCO jump starter and got started and left it running for a bit, but same deal a few feeders later. Anyway, started it the last time and started heading home and notice my alternator must be out because it was only registering 8V or so. Typically it is above 12. I took it to my mechanic and the alternator was under warranty and replaced. At the same time I had the power cables replace that I had ordered from Fourrunner. Here is what I have going on now:

1. Every now and then my red charge light comes on. Seems if I just start up or if I have my lights and AC on can dip below 12v and get that red charge light (Battery Pic at the bottom of the left gauge) to come on. As I drive and the indicator goes above 12V the light turns off. I am wondering where my guage should register. Should I see it dip slightly when I am running the AC and light and where should it be? I was around 13v with lights on driving but can dip when idling. And can dip lower than 12V when idling with lights on and AC on. What is normal. Maybe this alternator is not strong enough. By the way, I upgraded headlight harness which made my lights a lot brighter so not loosing much there.

2. My lights on my gauges are turning off and on, blinking, ..... Like I have a bad connection somewhere. No other lights cut out...radio, AC, etc...where should I check.

Jan 4, 2011
Red charge light means alternator is not charging. I would check you have clean and tight battery terminals. I would check the condition of your fusible link. If it’s running and the charge light is on put a bolt meter across the battery and wack the alternator with a hammer and see if it starts charging. Also check all the connections at the alternator itself.

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