80 Series Factory Bumper Swing Out DIY Kits (3 Viewers)

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Mar 17, 2013
Kansas City
Have you wanted a better way to store a tire on your rig without sacrificing precious interior cargo space or rear departure clearance? Unwilling to spend $1000+ for a heavy swing out bumper just to carry a larger spare tire?

Introducing the Summit Cruisers factory bumper swing out kit. This kit includes the parts and instructions you need to build a rear tire swing carrier for your vehicle while utilizing the OEM rear bumper.







Heavy duty 1 3/4" spindle with grease zerks

Gas strut assistance

No need to install auxiliary tail lights

Extremely robust and stable design

Lighter weight alternative to a heavy rear bumper

Less expensive alternative to a heavy steel bumper

The tire swing out is available for either side of the vehicle

Does not attach to the body of the vehicle like the oem style. Keeps body smooth and rust free.

General Information

For kits sold before January 2018, those are Version 1.

Kits sold from January 2018 to current are Version 2.

Details for Version 2 can be found on page 12.

These are built in batches and then modified for the side chosen once the deposit is paid. I do not build these to order. Once they are gone, I won't have any more available until I have time to build more.

As this is a kit, welding is required. All pieces to build the tire swing out are included along with a license plate extension bracket. Auxiliary bumper lights not included. The receiver relocation kit is not available. A latch plate that bolts into the pintle hitch mount will be included. Cooler/jerry can baskets are not available. Some tools/hardware are needed to finish this kit.

*This kit is designed around holding a 6 lug OEM 16x8 wheel with a 35x12.5" tire. It also works with the 17x7.5" FJ Cruiser/4Runner wheels with more backspacing.

Starting at $520+ shipping (PM me for shipping outside of the US)

$100 non refundable deposit required. Let me know which side you would like the swing out to go on when you submit your deposit. From that point, the kit should be in your possession in under 2 weeks. Rest of payment due before shipping.

(PM me to confirm your information and for placing a deposit)

Paypal or cash if local to Oklahoma City, OK.
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Only 5 left. Pm me before sending deposit to check on availability
1 left
For everyone who wasn't able to get in on the first batch, I have started a second batch. Let me know if you're interested to reserve your spot in this batch.
Next batch will be available towards the end of July or August.
I am interested in the next batch possibly but my spare will be a 285/75/16...is that doable with this kit?
In for sure. What else is required to install, besides what's in the kit? When do we send the deposit?

As it is a weld on kit, welding will be required. Along with a welder, basic metal working tools, like a cut off wheel with grinding wheel attachment along with a drill and tape measure etc.

I will update this thread when I am back in town (<2 weeks) and ready to take deposits. I like to have most of the basic work done before accepting deposits. Then from the time of placing a deposit to the time it's in your possession is roughly 10 days.
I am interested but am also wondering what kind of setup is used under the bumper panel? Is it angle iron or square tubing? How strong is the support in that short amount of space? I was at a local land cruiser shop and they showed me something similar and there were stress fractures in the metal where the spindle was welded in. As I am very interested and just want a little bit more information.
Factory Bumper Swing Out Build

It starts with a 1/4" plate that welds to the frame to help distribute the force of the swing out onto a larger footprint. Then a 3/16" 2x4" rectangle tube beaches off that flat plate and welds to the spindle sleeve.

It's extremely stout, and I've jumped up and down on the swing out arm while it was extended (albeit without the tire on) and there was no flex in the system.

Thanks for your interest and let me know if you have any more questions.

Great alternative. Please let me know when They will be ready n where to send funds. Thanks
Any timeline on the new batch? Im ready for the deposit when you are!



Great alternative. Please let me know when They will be ready n where to send funds. Thanks

I'm hoping to have most of the pieces together by August 11th. Then I am out of town until the 18th. If I can get most done by the 11th, I'll go ahead and order the remainder of the materials needed and hopefully be able have the kits ready for order soon after.

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