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  1. popstar

    Wanted Slee 80 rear bumper with ladder and tire carrier AZ, CA, NM, UT, CO

    Wanted: used Slee rear bumper for the 80 Series, complete with swing-outs and mounting hardware. PM me with details. I am looking for the style like in the picture Thank you
  2. Surelok

    For Sale SoCal: 5 Stock 18" Rims/Wheels and Tire Carrier

    Im selling my stock rims from my 2003 Land Cruiser Equipped with Toyo Open Country AT 285/60/R18 2 of the 5 are plasti dipped Probably less than 5k miles on them They've been sitting for a while now and was hoping someone else could put them to good use $600 5x150 lug pattern Stock Tire Carrier...
  3. masperk


    I'm looking for an SOR or other interior tire carrier for a 60/62. Thanks
  4. tway

    Wanted FJ 80 Slee Rear Bumper/Tirecarrier

    ISO a tire carrier/rear bumper. I would prefer a single swing carrier (older style) but am not picky. Located in Southern California
  5. HJ47

    SOLD MN - FJ40 OEM Tube Tire Carrier 8/76 - 5/80

    FJ40 OEM Tube Tire Carrier 8/76 - 5/80 ***Sold*** $220 local pickup or add shipping (28lb and 27x26x8 boxed, approx. $50 UPS from 55437 to either coast) Good solid carrier with hinges and latch included.
  6. HJ47

    SOLD MN - 4Plus FJ40 Rear Dual Swing Out Carrier w/ Tire & Basket

    Now sold. Asking $350 local pick up in Twin Cities, MN. Feb 2 update: I've cut off the side rails and weighed the pieces. Rear beam with the tire carrier is 97lb, and the basket side alone is 57lb (plus a few more if you want bolts/nuts/shackle). Greyhound is $157 for two pieces totaling...
  7. AlbertoSD

    For Sale 70-series Misc Parts

    1.- 70-series Steering Wheel (Used / Brown): Asking $50 plus shipping 2.- 70-series Diesel Tachometer (Used, for engines with Tach sensor on bell housing): Asking $50 plus shipping 3.- 70-series Spare Tire Carrier (Used, sandblasted but never painted): Asking $20 plus shipping 4.-...
  8. zadaco

    Wanted Swing out bumper for 80 series

    Hi! I’m looking for a rear bumper for an 80 series with a tire carrier swing out. Single or double swing out is fine. I don’t have a brand preference, just wanting something that’s been taken care of. I’m located in central Kentucky, but I’d be willing to drive to one of the surrounding...
  9. F

    For Sale Wilco solo high clearance

    About 3 months old. Only on the vehicle for a couple weeks. Located in Atlanta. 650.
  10. HJ47

    Wanted Backer Plate for Rear Tube Tire Carrier (Original or Fabbed)

    Wanted - Backer Plate for Rear Tube Tire Carrier (Original or Fabbed) I'm adding a rear tube tire carrier to my troopy. The stock troopies had the spare under the truck, so I will have to drill holes. The lower hinge mount goes through the rear sill, so there will be reinforcement already...

    SOLD [ME/US] KAYMAR Swing Out Tire Carrier for FJ60

    I have a Kaymar Tire Carrier for a swing out bumper on a 60 series. This is the carrier arm only I do not have the bumper! This carrier appears to be for the drivers side. It had some rust and the factory coating was peeling in places, so I hit it with the wire wheel and coated it with rust...
  12. 8

    Wanted 60 Series Tire Carrier Rear Bumper

    I'm looking for a rear bumper with a swing-out tire carrier that fits an FJ60 (1984).
  13. Stik11987

    BIOR rear tire carrier on early 80 series

    Hi all. I've been talking with Mike from bumpitoffroad about his dual swing rear tire carrier for my 91 fj80. He said that he hasn't seen his carrier on a early 80 series and he mentioned the flares are narrower so modifications might be needed. Anyone put one of these carriers on a early fj80...
  14. 1hundy

    Wanted Winch Bumper and Rear bumper with tire carrier for 100 series Routt Colorado

    Looking for someone who might be selling their 100 and bring it back to stock. Looking for a front winch bumper and a rear bumper with tire carrier and or swing outs. Would also be interested in full roof rack. I have a 2006 100 in Thunderstorm grey, would be happy to give my stock bumpers if...
  15. Tylerh84

    Tire Carrier

    Alright guys, I'm Looking into building my own swing out carrier with a separate for jerry cans/cooler. Any suggestions or maybe your own that you built. I'm trying to find the fine line of being overbuilt but not overweight.

    Wanted FJ60 Kaymar rear Bumper or Similar

    Hi guys, I am looking for a tire & gas carrier rear bumper Kaymar or Dobinsons for my FJ60. I am locate it in Miami but I could drive, use Fastenal or UPS if need it. Thanks
  17. AlbertoSD

    SOLD 80-series Factory Tire Carrier - Sold

    I have this 80-series factory tire carrier from a JDM HDJ81 for sale. All hardware is included that is required for the tail gate, every single part, including the internal reinforcement brackets for the pillar support. Here is a recent thread on how to install one of these: JDM Wheel...
  18. EliB

    FJ60 spare tire carrier

    Hey there! I'm new to the forum, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a tire carrier for my 1985 FJ60?
  19. J

    Looking for a TJM Tyre carrier for my TJM bumper.

    I have a 1999 Land Cruiser with a TJM RB8 rear bumper. I am looking for a TJM Tyre Carrier for that bumper. I know that it has been discontinued by the manufacturer but I am hoping that some kind soul on this forum may have one or know someone who is selling one. I have posted a picture of...
  20. 4dmalamute

    Wanted Rear tire carrier for FZJ80 needed

    I am looking to purchase a used rear tire/bumper carrier for my 1994 FZJ80. If anyone is parting out or wanting to sell theirs please let me know. I am located in Sacramento Ca. and can drive a couple hundred miles if need be. Cheers!
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