80 Series Drive Shaft Question

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Feb 20, 2017
Tucson, AZ
Quick question, do the 3FE and 1FZ powered 80s have different length rear driveshafts?

I have the ones from both my 96 and 97 matching in length, but the spares I picked up a while back match on front length and are longer on the rear. I am having Tim at Precision Products rebuild the ones that need it, and the whole point of having spares is that I done have any downtime. Guess that plan got blown. I have Tim shorten the spare to match length.

When I ran part numbers for the 93 up, I got 37110-60520, and for 92 down I got 37110-60460...although that seems to differ depending on where you look.

Anyone know for sure?

The early 80's don't have a viscous coupler, so the transfer case is shorter.
Trucks without ABS systems have longer shafts.

I’d be interested in the collapsed length of the longer rear shafts.
Wish I had measured it for you. Its at the drive shaft shortening place.....getting, you know...shorter.

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