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Feb 25, 2009
Richmond, VA
There is a guy who lives the street over from me and he has a new tricked out FJ. He pulled up along side me and my 80 this morning and said, "Is that an 80 series?" I said yes. He replied that is one beuetiful truck I really wish I had one of those instead of my FJ where do I get one. I said for starters you need to check out IH8Mud and go from there.
That guy made my day this morning!:grinpimp:
Classic. :grinpimp:
Obviously your neighbor is a man of dicriminating taste!
If it is that is just to funny!
I will Have to find out.
I remember walking past the FJcruisers at the dealership I found my FZJ80 at. The salesman was pointing them out to me. I ignored him and stared at the stock green 80 series in the used lot.
Did you rub salt in the wound and tell him that you could by three 80's for the price of his FJC?
No he is a nice guy, I probably should have though.:cool:
But he will become another convert non the less.:grinpimp:

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