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Dec 7, 2008
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My name is Nick and I am an IH8mudder'. I am listing my father's 1978 FJ40 for him. 1978 FJ40 original color, Dune Beige. Rust free. keep reading...

4 Speed 4x4, No P/S & NO A/C

Rear Heat, spare, high lift jack, lots of little extras to go with.

Drive train is number's matching.

See photos in link at bottom, here's a quick tease. Lots of documentation included, this is an extremely nice cruiser, maybe not a concourse winner but as nice a cruiser most would still consider driving.


My father has owned a reputable collision repair shop in Kansas City for 35+ years. Most of the work being insurance related heavy collisions & random accidents of various kinds, storm damage and the occasional restoration or complete paint job. Our passion is old cars, hot rods, cruisers, porsches but people on cell phones in Hyundais and minivans is what pays the bills.

I spent the last twelve years working for him until I recently relocated to Denver. I helped work on this over the summer before moving so I am pretty familiar with it. I will do my best to describe it you although it been a few days since I've seen it. If you have any more questions, I put his contact info at the bottom as well,
Mike 816-835-0423 or email mikesab@sbcglobal.net.

If you are interested, please come check this out in person.

We've been on both sides of the table and it's hard to buy a nice car online. We've been there done that, learned the hard way, been told one thing and sold another, aka been "Ebay-ed" before and so on. We take pride in what we do. We want to do it correctly the first time because it is NOT cheap to do, especially the correct way.

We understand everybody has a budget but our saying is, you can be picky, or you can be cheap, but you cannot be both when it comes to vehicles.

Currrently located in southern Kansas City, Missouri 64012. Purchased from Clovis, California earlier this year. Still on California title, last title issued was in 2006.

Previous owner was meticulous. Vehicle came with several spare parts, with 2 and 3 of a lot of items. Everything was in working order. Vehicle had original paint job, but was faded & older, but an excellent driver.

It is still the same as when we got it and in extremely good shape. The inside of the tub is super clean, almost a time capsule inside. He did add a few toggle switches which work the interior dome lights and exterior led's he added.

All 4 new seat covers & foam. New seat cover covers in camo to protect new seat covers. Includes matching camo shifter cover. OOooooo......

Aftermarket Radio.

New Dash Pad

Factory roll bar. PO did add gun rack and aluminum interior roof rack which holds included CB Radio.


It did have a few dings which we repaired and NO rust found just as PO owner stated. Very Rare on an FJ40. It looked like maybe somebody use to sit on top of the front fenders or use them as steps to service engine maybe.
Removed all parts possible for best possible quality of paint job. Doors, Windows, Lights, Mirrors, moldings, antenna, roof, whatever, it came off to be painted in pieces or to gain access to paint properly.

Came with new tail light lenses, front turn signals, hood latches, interior door handles, and several other little items. Most were fine but just faded, or weather checked from age and sun. Old plastics don't age very well, things like interior door handle bezels were starting to turn white, get brittle and crack. We removed the old pieces and used the new or best parts included.

No patches in the floor. It appears original and very nice condition. It was under coated at one point, not sure if it was factory or somebody else did it way back. Most of it is still there but old, brittle & dry. Comes off easy. We would have under coated it and still can, but wanted to show what is really there instead of what could have been hidden with fresh under coat.

Sprayed with high end DuPont Water Based Paint, Spies Heckler Clear, Spies Heckler Primer. We considered going with an original style enamel paint but it won't weather as well as a base coat with a polyurethane clear. Plus less maintenance so it seemed like a win/win. Painted everything that's Dune Beige on the outside, inside of all 4 doors, inside and out of lower metal roof with side windows, and stripped & refinished white fiberglass roof. Top still has original looking headliner in it, older but pretty good condition considering. Grill and a few other small pieces were painted black. Frame, bumpers & suspension was already freshly painted.

White roof does looks a little weird in photo, it's wet from car wash.

Glass is all good to very good condition. Windshield is brand new, I broke the old one taking it out, had a nasty chip that split.

Also comes with a soft top, never been put on.

Also comes with soft or half doors.

You will see some body filler in photos. We metal finish every ding, dent and so on, but often skim coat each blemish to ensure no minor imperfections seen after refinished. 90% of what you see was sanded off before reprime.

If it makes you feel better, shop customers receive a lifetime warranty on repairs and workmanship.


Previous Owner has been through the suspension and axles. Again, everything looks amazing, brand new, freshly painted axles housings, frame, steer components, you name it. New shackles, hardware, shocks and so on. In photos you can see they are nice but have some gray & white polishing compound which got wet and ran out of cracks & crevices, making it looks a little dirty. Photos don't it justice.

Tires & Wheels-
New Tires, 31x10.5x15 Cooper S/T's, Wheels look new, may have receipt, very new chrome condition.

Drive Train-

Engine and T-Case both recently rebuild by previous owner, documentation included. Transmission shifts great, engine & compartment, accessories & wiring look brand new.

New Smog Pump and emissions test
New Radiator
New Battery
New Exhaust System
and more I'm sure

Winch, if I remember correctly, it's a Chicago brand.

We didn't have to purchase much to complete it:

New Sylvania H4 sealed beam head lights.

New Front & Rear door weather strips

New Land Cruiser Emblems for fenders

Known Issues:

Window rubber seals are older, maybe original but it good shape still. Not splitting or dry rotting. Good enough we could pop them out and reuse after paint. Nice in Appearance.(Not really an issue, just saying).

Door windows roll down a little tough. I'm not sure if it needs new felt window guides or if they have been replaced and are still really tight, leaning towards originals. May have dry gears in regulator and just need lube. Haven't diagnosed yet. Does come with an extra window regulator or two, used condition.

Reused weather strip between tub & hard top due to spare of the moment ordeal, would have rather replaced it.

The left rear wheel flare does have a crack/tear in it,it's an inch or two long. Don't think it shows in any of the photos. Not sure how it got overlooked before paint. I'm sure if it's a deal breaker, we can work something out. Get it repaired or track down a new one. May get it remedied in the mean time.

Wow, that was a more than intended but I'm trying to be thorough, and I'm sure I forgot something.

My dad is more familiar with it but not as computer savvy and very busy with work. If you have a question or would like a picture of something else, please let him know. I can try to answer but will mostly likely end up asking him if it wasn't already mentioned. His name is Mike. If he doesn't answer, leave a message and he'll get back to you.

He invites anyone seriously interested to come see the vehicle in person. You will appreciate it more, the pictures don't quite do it justice.

816-835-0423 or email mikesab@sbcglobal.net

The Price. We've seen not as nice cruiser's bring $30k + recently. It's also going to be on ebay. IH8Mud Price...




Here's some photos above at Photobucket, Lot of cruiser pics. A couple of my 64 Impala to show some of our projects, she is also for sale, wrapping up some small last minute items currently. Also a couple random pic of my carbon fiber Porsche 993 we did.

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