77 axle rebuild

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Jun 7, 2015
I am rebuilding an axle from a 77 FJ40.
After putting everything back together, the locking hub inner gear sticks out about 1/16th" too far to fit the snap ring back on the birf.
Any tricks to seating the hub farther back to allow for the necessary space?

I followed FSM tightening the first spindle nut to seat the hub then loosening, but still sticks out a tad too far - Just barely
Are you 100% sure the inner bearing cup and seal are seated fully? This has been the bane of my bearing replacements too often to tell.

Have you pulled the outer shaft using a service bolt?

FWIW, the nut sets the bearings' preload; it won't adjust the position of the hub relative to the driveshaft.
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