72 axle swap question - front and rear?

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Jan 19, 2008
Pendleton, OR
Help- 72 to a 76 axle swap question - front and rear?

I was going to do a mini truck disc brake swap on my 72 FJ40 but now am thinking about buying a 76 axle with disc brakes that is for sale locally and putting the whole axle in. The rear axle is also available complete. Is there any advantage to switching out my 72 rear axle to a 76 rear axle as both have drum brakes? Also after reading other threads other than the master cylinder and booster it should be a straight forward swap as long as I take the flanges off the drum brake axle in order to bolt on the driveline. Am I missing anything? I'm not overly mechanical so I am hoping this is all there is to it for a somewhat easy 1st project. I am going change out the springs to do a 2 1/2" lift so this seems like a great time to swap axles. Thanks for the advice!
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Brake line plumbing to the front disc brake axle is not the same as the drum brake axle. The drum brake axle has the ‘T’ on the left side of the axle and the hose drops down from the frame on the left side frame rail. The disc brake axle has the ‘T’ on the right side of the axle and the hose attaches to the right side of the frame rail.
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Either way will work to get front disc brakes. If you plan on doing a spring-over-axle swap in the future the mini-truck discs would be the best route (because of cross-over steering options.)

No, there is no real advantage to change to the '76 rearend from the '72 rearend.

You may have to mix n' match drive shaft flanges (yokes) to get the '74 and '78 stuff to all match-up.

Good luck! It is worth the effort to get the disc brakes!


Be sure to get a brake proportioning valve (installed in rear brake line). Without one the rear brakes will lock up w/ med to hard application of the brakes.

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