62 cranks but does not fire. usual suspects?

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Dec 14, 2002
NW side of chicago
I haven't been using my 62 regularly since October last year, Just moving it around the house to different parking spaces. It started yesterday after charging after a few cranks and started also this morning . Went to Menards about a 20 minute ride to pick up construction supplies and after about 30 minutes it does not start. It cranks but does not seem to fire up. It seems my fuel gauge is working and has some gas. It hasn't rained lately.Temps in the 60's. Just wanted to know where the grounding wires are at (maybe corroded) and what are the usual suspects to check. Going back to Menards with gasoline and tools so I don't know when I can give an update after some lunch. Thanks for your suggestions!
start at either the battery or the spark plugs and work you way down the line checking for fire. could be coil, igniter, fuse, any number of things. You have to start at one end and work you way to where the problem is.
thanks for reminding me about a fuse. That reminds me to bring a voltmeter. Luckily I'm parked in a hardware store and it's still early in the day. Thanks! Going right now with my 80 to rescue the 62.
Got the 62 running and back home. Filled her up with some gasoline, cranked and no start. I checked on whether the plugs where getting a spark by grounding it to the engine with a screwdriver and a saw a spark-Ignition OK. I checked the EFI fuse (thanks Rob for the suggestion)-Fuse good. I cranked her up again and just when it was running out of battery juice it cranked! Maybe I ran out of gas when the slight pitch/incline in the parking lot? I'm suprised it didn't sputter alittle if it was running out of gas. Signs of a FPR (fuel pressure regulator) going out?. Signs of a fuel pump going out?
What's your 2 cents?
Now to ride my bike back to pick up the 80.
Just got back retrieving the 80. Tried to crank the 62 about six times and it did not fire up. 2 times it sputtered but did not run. Seems like a fuel related problem but the truck runs great once started. It doesn't seem to have any erradict fuel delivery symptoms.
At least I'm at home where I could work on this on my own time. Now to unload 760 lbs of cement from the 62 to the 80 to bring to my brother's place.
loosen banjo fitting on top of engine,if it doesnt blow out pretty good your pump is to week. 2 cents Mike
thanks for the advice. Will look into those items. Don't know if I will update soon because I'm behind in completing the garden project for my brother. Where is the banjo fitting located? Is it after the fuel filter?
Check to see is your fuelpump is working... and if the circuit cutoff relay is the problem if it is not. Make sure that you have enough pressure too.

Check to see if your injectors are getting a signal to fire if you have confirmed that you have fuel pressure.

Since it is cranking and sometimes starting you know that the electrical is good (i.e. coil, ignitor, ECU, EFI Relay, and Fuses.) I’m not an expert on the airflow meter so I can’t get into that. You know it’s getting some fuel because it starts occasionally. You can get it to crank all the time so it’s not the starter. That leaves the mechanical fuel system.

Possible Problems:
Fuel Pump going bad and not delivering enough pressure
Fuel Pressure Regulator (I hate when people suggest this as one of the first solutions since the FPR is usually good, don’t throw money at this until checking everything else.)

I would try loosening the banjo connection as stated above. The one that is on the driver’s side, at the top of the manifold is where you should check. If the fuel doesn’t spray out hard then you have something restricting the fuel pressure. The easiest fix and something you should do anyways is replacing the fuel filter. That is good for your truck in the long run and not too expensive. It probably won’t solve the problem so if you’re on a tight budget pass on buying a new filter.

Go to your diagnostics circuit box (on the passenger side firewall) and connect Fp and +B circuit. This bypasses the electronics that control your fuel pump (i.e. ECU, circuit opening relay and EFI Relay) and allows the fuel pump to turn on without the car cranking. Loosen the banjo bolt referenced above and see if you get good pressure. If you do then you can rule out your fuel filter, fuel lines, and fuel pump. That leaves you with the FPR and injectors. I can’t offer anymore assistance as I don’t know much about the injectors, cold start injector, and airflow meter on your air box.)

Mark W,
I have never heard of the “circuit cutoff relay” on my 62. I had fuel pump problems about 6 months ago and during my troubleshooting I never came across that on the wiring diagram in the FSM. Can you fill me in a little more on where it is or what its purpose is? Just to make sure, we are talking about an FJ62.
Sorry.... I misspoke.... "circuit opening relay".... the relay that controls the fuel pump. Same one you are talking about.... a common failure point.


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