50th Anniversary - Baja 1000

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Mar 14, 2006
Sandy Eggo
Anyone riding a GX470? What class would that be?

I've been wanting to drive to Cabo from Los Angeles, but I've been afraid with all the recent reports of killings in Mexico. When's the next Baja 1000 that coincides with watching whales?
Gxor is planning a Baja trip in 19 or 20
I believe it would be Stock Full Class.

At least that is what class Joe Bacal used to race for Lexus in an LX570 until they (Lexus) discontinued the race team.

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I was down in Bahia De Los Angeles in 2010 pitting for MasterCraft and we saw Joe stuck there for 6 hours trying to get the truck back in the race. When they finally gave up and got it up on the trailer he hopped in one last time to try and start and it fired back up! He pulled it off of the trailer and drove straight to the check point that was closing up and got in with minutes to spare. Then came back for his helmet and co-driver, as legend has it!

Here are some of my photos from that trip: Photo Album

Video links of our pits: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
At that time we pitted for Rob MacCachran & Master Craft owner Robbie Pierce


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