3spd / 4spd TC with TH400

Aug 19, 2010
Whyalla, South Australia
I picked up a used TH400 and what I think is an early one piece 3spd transfer case with the intention of dropping the whole lot along with a 350 SBC into my 75 FJ40. I also have a 4spd split transfer case that came out of the truck which I was hoping to use instead of the three speed as they are supposed to be stronger and mine has an overdrive unit fitted.

I'm not sure on the origin of the adapter between the TH400 and the TC but can someone tell me if the bolt pattern for the one piece and the split TC are the same or will I need a different adaptor? I was hoping I might be able to use the existing adaptor and just buy a different spud shaft. I was hoping someone can set me straight so I don't have to go to the effort of splitting the 'box and TC's apart to measure them.

Appreciate any assistance,

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