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Apr 1, 2004
Northern Colorado
Some extra parts from the rebuild that were the wrong size so we didn't use them.
My 13BT was from 10/88. The cutoff for some changes is 8/88 so this is why a chunk of these parts wouldn't fit. These parts as I have found crossover to MANY of the Toyota Diesels in the B family. I'm just posting whats on the box (which isn't always 100% correct) measurement is the correct way. I can measure whatever you need on them.

Cam Bearings for 3B, 11B, 13B, 13BT
Taiho brand (they make OEM bearings, only difference is packaging)
CO28L STD, probably mid 13BT years
fits journal size: 57.5mm-56mm
$25.00 shipped US

CO40L STD, probably early 13BT/3B engines
Taiho Cam bearings
$25.00 shipped US

Thrust Bearing set, B, 11B, 13, 14B, 15B
Taiho T040A STD
$15.00 shipped US

Main Bearings
Engine Australia, STD size
B, 11, 13, 14 mains,
$40 shipped US


These are "used" liners. They were only put in the block, but pistons not installed and build never started. The PO "scratched" the block taking the old liners out. When they put this new set in, they thought they saw a crack on a liner or 2 so he kind of quit and bought another set of liners. I assumed they were cracked and had machine shop put the new liners in. (had to deck block and counterbore anyways) After the machine shop pressed in the new liners I asked about these "old" liners that were never used. He said he didn't see any cracks, just a scratch and that he wouldn't have a problem running them.

I have 4 liners. $70 us plus shipping.


Here is the offending scratch
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