3500km family holiday in my HJ61 (1 Viewer)

Jun 24, 2014
Western Australia
Gday all!
For the April school holidays we hooked up my 5m boat to the hj61 and headed up to Exmouth (about 1400km away) for a 10 day camping/ fishing / spear fishing trip...
Leaving home at 4pm we drove until 1am, where we stopped for a few hours sleep. 7am the next day we were back on the road, comfortably sitting on 100km/hr (the speed limit here when towing) and achieving 13.3 and 14.3 litres per 100km for the 2 re-fills.
The further north we got, the hotter it was. The last few hundred k's were around 38 degrees Celsius - where the temp started creeping up a bit ( I have a Redarc temp gauge with the probe in the top radiator hose and set the alarm to 95degrees Celsius, and it started triggering the alarm - so 85-90km/he it was...
About 2km out from Exmouth and I shredded a trailer tyre, and about 600m from the caravan park the clutch started slipping....
I am with RAC roadside assistance, and I called them to come and have a look (already set up in the caravan park). The RAC guy wanted to replace the clutch, but I got a second opinion and by the sounds of it, it was the clutch booster diaphragm swelling in the heat, putting pressure on the master cylinder (like riding your foot on the clutch)... instead of a $2000 bill, it didn't coat a cent!!!!
A few days later the aircond fan stopped working!! A couple of hours of troubleshooting and I pulled the fan motor apart and found 1 brush missing, and 1 about 4mm long! New brushes(too long, wide and high) and a few hours of filing and the fan worked again!!!
After these setbacks, it was fishing and diving!!
Enjoy the picks!







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Apr 2, 2015
It looks like a fun trip, even given the vehicle issues. Great catch BTW.

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