1. grayjs

    For Sale  Calgary AB - 60 Series Parts

    Hi everyone I have a bunch of spare cruiser parts for sale, everything is located in Calgary Alberta Canada. All prices are in USD and does not include shipping. I base all my prices on other comparable ads on this site. If I am out of line feel free to make an offer. I am going to start with...
  2. K

    HELP!! 12HT into HJ60 2H Chassis mounting

    Currently in the process of planting my 12ht from an 1988 HJ61 into a 1988 HJ60 Chassis that had a 2H in it. The mounts on the engine block are at a far steeper angle to the mounts located on the chassis. They line up okay, but when we tighten them down they stretch the rubber mounts out... the...
  3. C

    HJ61 Suspension

    Hey All, Looking for suggestions in regards to best multi-purpose leaf springs for my 1989 HJ61. I'd like something a little more progressive but able to handle heavy load as well. Any advice/lessons learned would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. M

    For Sale  Remanufactured AC 24 volt HJ61 and original complete stay HJ61

    I added my HJ61 with original AC from Toyota. in the years finding parts I had some parts double. the AC compressor is fully remanufacturd and tested by the Remanufacire company in England I have papers with that. It is the original ND compressor. with a modified adapter plate to have...
  5. bigboiimigel

    Wanted  LHD HJ61/HJ60 Wanted

    Hi, If anybody has or knows of a six cylinder diesel 60 in LHD for a reasonable price, feel free to respond. HJ61 is preferred, I would love to have a 12H-T. Must be LHD!!!
  6. theglobb

    Wanted  HJ61, HJ60, or BJ60 Manual, preferably on East Coast

    Looking for an HJ61, HJ60, or a BJ60 that isn't that rusted. I would like it to not be some perfectly restored car that I am scared to drive and scratch, wouldn't mind some "character" here and there. It would be nice if it was on the East Coast. I have a 1988 FJ62 currently that I would be open...
  7. B

    A440f Tranny + Transfer Fluid Capacity

    I'll be flushing and changing the ATF in the A440f this weekend in my hj61, but can't find how much fluid the transfer case needs. I have read the gear box itself needs 6ltrs, but I'm not sure if it is more with a complete flush. I will be using Gulf Western Dextron III ATF for both. Also, how...
  8. T

    HJ61 buyer checklist?

    Hi all! I am about to go and look at a HJ61 fully restored in Spain. Never owned a LC but finally I can afford it.:rolleyes: (Picture show another HJ61 but with the same setup) Made a checklist to follow when I look at the truck but I would really appreciate anything that could be important...
  9. Hj61Goose

    HJ61 died while driving.

    Any ideas on what I should be looking for? I got out after it died, its been running fine these past few days, but when I touched one of the ground terminals it was pretty hot. Other than that nothing else looks to be out of the ordinary.
  10. canadian marty

    SOLD  Hj61 work light, calgary

    24v land cruiser work light Came with an hj61 that I don’t have anymore. In perfect condition 20$ plus shipping Please email me as I don’t go on here often Martyminnesma@gmail.com
  11. P

    For Sale  89' HJ61 California Registration - Truckee, CA

    1989 HJ61 Toyota Land Cruiser. RHD Japanese Domestic Model VX Limited 4WD 12H-T Diesel Engine. Mechanically this vehicle is sound, new exhaust system was just put in (May 2019), the 12H-T fires clean, automatic transmission turns before 2500 rpm. It burns a little rich but starts at altitude...
  12. jason fischman

    HJ61 24V upgrade with 12V system and battery bank

    I recently installed a REDARC BCDC-1225D with a small battery bank into the rear left interior panel. Here is the wiring diagram and some photos. What do ya guys think? Anyone see any issues?
  13. D

    hj61 brakes

    hey mudders, I have a small leak in my brake booster/ master cylinder. The resevoir remains full and my brakes work well. But I think it would be a good idea to rebuild them. question: does anyone know if the JDM HJ61 (or 61s in general) has the same brake components as the 60/62? can anyone...
  14. P

    For Sale  1989 HJ61 - Clean California Title and Registration - $18,500

    After a few trips to the DMV I know have a clean California Title and registration on my HJ61! 1989 HJ61 Toyota Land Cruiser. RHD Japanese Domestic Model VX Limited 4WD 12H-T Diesel Engine. Mechanically this vehicle is sound, the 12H-T fires clean every morning. Automatic transmission turns...
  15. mgillrie

    For Sale  1989 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61 - $22k

    I bought this vehicle in October 2016. It currently has 170k miles. It already had the old man emu lift and tires. I don't use it as a daily driver. Its a right hand drive turbo diesel that was imported from Japan. It has the 12H-T motor and an automatic transmission. All the mechanical work has...
  16. jason fischman

    For Sale  or trade '89 HJ61 Turbo Seats Front & Rear (Brn & Tan)

    I have 1989 Brown and Tan HJ61 Turbo Seats. I am looking for the original GX rear bench and matching front seats. Will sell or trade.
  17. relaxedcruiser

    To all New Zealand 12HT tinkerers

    Hi to all you Kiwi 12HT owners ! I´m looking for an old 12ht boost diaphragm which I can use as an template to search for an new one. (There is no part no. for this part in the parts catalogue) Also consider to borrow a good one and send it back afterwards. Would be good to get in contact...
  18. hoon77

    For Sale  JDM HJ61 Split rear seats in Porltand

    Posting these bad boys again. $400 takes them. Local pickup only please.
  19. fantoyota

    Wanted  Fender flare rear right for HJ61

    Hi , I got myself and 1987 HJ61 and the rear right fender flare(extension) is missing(the one on the door is there, i want the other part). So if someone has it , well let me know! thanks !
  20. koxfarm

    For Sale  HJ61, 12HT, heater pipe

    Anyone know about these heater pipes? I got offered these for $300 shipped in Aus or anywhere else worldwide. Is this a rare opportunity?
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