1. geocruiser

    For Sale 2013 Somerset Evolution E2 Pop-Up Camper Trailer

    Near-New Condition! Pittsburgh, PA $13,500 $11,500 OBO. 2013 Somerset Evolution E2 Pop-Up Camper. 2 King Pull-Out Beds, one Full-size bed on folded dinette. Off-road package with MT tires and lifted axle for great ground clearance. Fridge, sink, 2-burner stove, outdoor shower, toilet, water...
  2. Silveredition

    3500km family holiday in my HJ61

    Gday all! For the April school holidays we hooked up my 5m boat to the hj61 and headed up to Exmouth (about 1400km away) for a 10 day camping/ fishing / spear fishing trip... Leaving home at 4pm we drove until 1am, where we stopped for a few hours sleep. 7am the next day we were back on the...
  3. Oxblood

    Sweetpea's FJ40

    So one day back in 79 or so a Colorado man named Nick decided he wanted an an off-road and drove home in his new, red FJ40. A couple of years later a little girl was born and grew up working on this truck with her father between trips to Moab and locations around Colorado. Nick was pretty...
  4. wileycoyote

    Wanted Metaltech family cage

    Need a nice family cage for my 1980 Fj40. I know shipping will be expensive but what do ya have?
  5. Thewjsand

    GX 460- Best Years and Trim for Family Hauling mild off-road

    I am looking to replace my 2006 4runner with a GX 460 within the next year. I am having 3rd child and the 3rd row seems like a must have option long term... also I want KDSS, enough said. Personally I like 2010 to 2013 look and ground clearance better than the 2014+. Are there big model year...
  6. scottm

    Wife's family selling a piece of automotive history

    My wife's dad is selling this custom '33 Ford at an auction. Sad to see it go, but it is time. He helped Oliver work on it when they both had car shops and went to shows together. This was really the first major full-bodied hot-rod, until this they tended to be chopped down cars rather than...
  7. X

    Family of 4 will be in North Wilkesboro NC third week in April. Trail guide wanted.

    Hi There! Looking to find one or two responsible wheelers familiar with local trails within an hour or so of North Wilkesboro. Around Boone would be great! Found Hurricane rd. and Richland rd. info but open to others. Any families out there interested in a family friendly run? Looking forward...
  8. Bud

    Cruiser 100 Series - Family Overland

    We have a family of 5. Age range 40 yrs old to 5 months old. With our three kids things get crazy and cluttered in the cab and thus start to drive the driver crazy. Hence the need for Organization. I'm not the best builder but I do enjoy it. With these incentives I hit the shop, as time allows...
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