2f fan set up

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Jan 30, 2003
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does anyone know what is required to change from a clutch style fan setup to non clutch? i put a 77 2f in my 45 and the fan clutch puts the blade right where the rad should be. will the pulley and pump still work with a non clutch blade (bolt pattern the same and spacing from belts ok?)?
This can be done but you need to change the water pump because the mounting surface is different between the clutch and non clutch surface. The only time we have done this conversion is in the opposite way. We put a fan clutch in instead of taking it out.

And the waterpump that you need to change to does not have the provisions for the oil cooler.

You will probably be able to use the pulleys you have.

If you are going to do this you NEED TO CHECK THE FAN FOR STRESS CRACKS at the blades. We have seen several fan blades shear off and either go into the hood or into the radiator.

We have never done this in a FJ45 so this info may not be useable but it worked in the 40's when going to a fan clutch.
SHort course on fans. All waterpumps will interchange with all years. Only differences are the length on the snout of the impeller, if it has an oil cooler or not, and the shape/size of the fan mounting flange. Easy solution would be to buy a F motor pump and a steel fan. Your pulley might fit but if not just get a 75-76 dbl pulley used. Best solution would be to get a late model short nose pump and a clutch or use yours if good. If you dont have an oil cooler now is the time. Cheap used. Bolts right up to any 2F. Increases cooling and oil capicity. The rad can be moved a bit forward for clearnace if needed. BTW: all the impeller shafts can be interchaged so you can get the right fan flange with the correct pump body.
i need a longer snout so the belt will line up with the alt pulley which is positioned with the outer groove on the crank
Ige, Is that into your SWB? I put a '79 2F and trans. into my '65 LWB with no problems. Still has fan clutch. Aprox. 1" clearance between fan and radiator, no problems yet. Paul
I don't know if you would be interested in changing to an electric fan but this is the way im going. I got the fan a pick-a-part for 35 bucks, the relay is about 40 from napa , just need a thermostat switch and your in business. The fan and shroud is the same width as the stock cruiser radiator + you get back some ponies that the fan is stealing from your motor.

Have you done this yet? Do you have a stock 6? Do you see any clearance issues with the stock engine? I have the fan and was about to attempt this as well. Any wisdom you can share is greatly appreciated.

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