For Sale 2001 Lexus LX-470 (Oxford, MS)

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Jul 1, 2010
Dallas, TX
United States
Cross post from the 100 series classifieds:

Unfortunately, I totalled my 2001 LX-470 this past week. It is in good condition other than the front left control arm, skidplate, front bumper/lights, and frame (that's what totalled the car). The accident was with a frame height concrete drain going 15 mph...bent it just enough to total it. Like I said, the rest of the vehicle is in good condition.

If anyone is interested in it as a parts vehicle, it is located in Oxford, MS. Looking to get $3000 OBO for it. If this is too high, let me know...I'm just kind of throwing a number out there. Will upload pictures this evening
Contrary to your OP, the front passenger side headlamp assembly seems to be okay. Is this not the case? Would you be willing to part this part out? Thanks!
I would be interested in the 2 front seats, steering wheel, caps on wheels, and 2nd row drivers side ashtray if your willing to part out..
I would be interested in the font dif and rear axle <<probably whatever is good in the front end>>
FWIW I saw a new Tundra with similar damage getting a good frame section being welded in place while I was walking through a Toyota dealer collision shop.
This entire rig has been sold to a MUD member.

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