1996 T-100 3rz Wont Start (1 Viewer)

Sep 15, 2013

Have a 96 T-100 Automatic 2wd with 3rz
Truck has 250k on it
I have not been having any issues with the truck up until yesterday
Truck would not start after I left work for the day

It would crank and crank but no start
I think it might be a fuel issue due to the fact I can not hear the pump coming on at all.

The fuel filter was replaced this past April when I replaced the starter so that is rather recent

The fuel pump is the original unit so that makes it suspect

For troubleshooting I have...

Checked all fuses with a meter and they are all fine
I have checked the Green Fuel pump relay located behind the glove box and I can feel it click on and off when you cycle the key in the ignition
I have unplugged the fuel pump harness and tested it for voltage with the key on as well as cranking and I get nothing.

Any ideas ?



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Mar 30, 2007
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Just because the relay is clicking doesn't mean the contacts aren't worn, and thus not transferring the voltage. Try removing the relay & jumping the power pin to the pump pin, then see if it comes on.

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