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Sep 19, 2020
Redwood City, California
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94088 San Jose California, United States
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Good day,

I am selling my 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner. It has been in my family since it was new off the lot in ‘96, so we have a lot of records for it. It was stock almost all it’s life until a few months ago when I started building/ maintaining it. Here’s a short description of the vehicle:

Single owner, clean title

5VZ-FE 3.4L V6 engine
A340F 3 speed with overdrive automatic transmission
Push button 4wd transfer case (no locking hubs)
The rear axle has the electronically controlled differential locker or “e-locker” as people refer to it, enabling the driver to automatically lock and unlock the rear rear differential for better traction in off-road terrain. This is a highly sought after feature. The 4wd drive and e-locker system work flawlessly. No hesitation or delay for the mechanisms to engage. The front CV axle shafts are in good condition without torn or leaking boots.

I have upgraded and replaced a fair amount of the suspension components because they had worn over the years
The suspension:
-Bilstein 6112 struts (2.5” diameter shock body with a 60mm upgraded piston- built stronger and for greater longevity over the Bilstein 5100 strut): yields about 2” lift from stock height
-Icon Delta Joint upper control arm, correcting factory alignment specs with built in caster, enabling the new owner to lift the truck even more and maintain factory alignment. I had plans to buy Fox extended travel C/Os but went with the billies instead.
-Old Man Emu 890 4runner rear springs that yield about 2.5” lift in the rear
-Bilstein extended length 5100 rear shocks
-Durobumps extended bump stops
-Quick disconnect front sway bar end links
-New Whiteline lower control arm bushings (not yet installed)
-333 Fab Alignment cam eliminator bolts (not installed yet)
-Eimkeith panhard correction kit (not installed yet)

The truck drives straight as an arrow, you can go 80 with one finger on the wheel.

The 4runner's infamous lower ball joint (LBJ) has been replaced with genuine Toyota parts in the last thousand miles as well.

The 4runner undercarriage is protected by 4xInnovations 3/16” full length skid plates extending passed the transmission oil pan
Welded on 4xInnovations DOM with square main tube Rock sliders w/ kick out and dimple die’d step plates.

Tires are new Falken Wildpeak AT3W in 265/70/16 with about 2000 miles on them.

Recent maintenance all done within the last 1000 miles with OEM parts:
Timing belt, water pump, thermostat, idler bearings, crank and cam seals, radiator, and all belts

An additional B&M transmission cooler was added in line to the new OE radiator for maximum transmission oil cooling on hot summer days to keep the transmission healthy and happy. I have a temp gauge for it but have yet to install it.

Full set of AVS bug and wind deflectors; great for car camping in the rain, windows can be kept open a bit for airflow but rain won't get in the cabin- one of my favorite addons

Last year's service:
New catalytic converter, new AC compressor, new alternator (about $4000 in repairs)

As of 2/5/21: Diff fluid, transfer case, and engine oil changed
Passed Smog 2/5/21 as well

I also have a drawer storage system in the back, you can see it in the pictures. Great for camping and outdoor uses, but also doubles as a sleeping platform with 2 other removable platforms that are in my garage currently, only 1 shown for demonstration but fits two people comfortably (I'm 6'2" and sleep well in the back)

The interior is in good condition, the leather on the passenger seat is a little tattered but the rear of the interior is in good shape, as far as 25 year old cars go.
The exterior is also in good shape. Just polished and waxed the paint.
The sun roof works and does NOT leak, unlike a majority of other 4runners, all the buttons in the car work, as do all the lights. The radio works, but the antennae stays down, but still picks up signal (I find this better anyways so the antennae doesn't snag on low hanging tree branches). The valve cover gasket does NOT leak.
I’m sure I’m missing a few things regarding the condition of the entire car but come see it for yourself! It’s ready for a second family and another lifetime of adventures. I have plans to move to a different platform, that is the only reason why I am selling this. Just not enough room in the garage.
Yes, this car does have 317k miles, but 99% have been easy highway driving miles and it still runs fantastic. You couldn't tell it has all the miles. It's only been offroad once in the past year on some backcountry roads in central California. It’s never been beaten or been in a serious car accident. Minor scuffs and scratches can be found but do not underestimate this car because of the mileage. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it to Baja or Alaska tomorrow.

I have a bunch of extra parts:
Spare front driveshaft, brake booster, extended brake lines, spare fender, used LBJs, radiator, belts, thermostat, axle seals, oil filters, etc

Call me or text me with any questions and we can figure out a time and place to meet. My number is 650-701-6098

$11,000 is the price I'm looking for but I am willing to negotiate, the market for these trucks can go up or down.






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