1. C

    For Sale  Overland 2008 4Runner V8 Limited 4x4 [LA/LV]

    Up for sale is a fully loaded 2008 Toyota 4Runner 4.7L V8 Limited Trim with 4x4, 202,xxx miles for $18,000 OBO. This has been my daily for the last 3 years and has been super reliable. This is not a mall crawler. I have taken it out almost every weekend during school, lived in it for an...
  2. ryanthomp

    Roof Rack

    Does anyone know what brand or model this roof rack is I have been looking for it and I can't seem to find it, not sure if it is model specific because it is on a 05-07 Sequoia. If anyone could point me where I could get this roof rack it would be much appreciated.
  3. R

    Builds  Starting a new GX460 build

    Hii guys. Recently purchased a ‘16 GX460 Lux Pack. I want to upgrade tires/wheels and possibly do a lift. I am wondering what is the biggest tire size the GX will allow without having to cut (heat gun accepted)? Thinking of BFGs KO2s or KM3 Also, is it better to just bite the bullet and get the...
  4. Lonegrasshopper

    Costco Roof Top Tents

    Here are two roof top tents I saw this morning that Costco is offering while "working" from home. Not sure of the quality, but Costco usually stands behind the products they sell. The hard top is $1,999.99, and the soft is $1,199.99. Those prices include S&H. No, I do not work for Costco.
  5. oceanful

    SOLD  1993 FJ80 Super Clean - Orange County

    No Lockers and used for some beach camping and driving around HB. Comes with a car cover, 3rd Row and I have the Carfax. Most of the major things have been replace in the motor and it really does run great, see listing. ARB Deluxe Winch Bumper New 12,000lb Winch Never Used LED Light Bar &...
  6. ChiTown

    Builds  Not your average build thread

    Mine probably won't be the average build as I focus is on keeping the on-road manners (where we spend 99% of our time) and focusing comfort, range, and towing so i figured I'd document the build. Goals- Comfort- I'm getting to be an old man so comfort is king and I affectionately refer to the...
  7. How To Use A Tire Deflation Tool, Tips And Tricks.

    How To Use A Tire Deflation Tool, Tips And Tricks.

    A tire deflation tool is an essential item to have in your 4x4. Here's some helpful info about why we air down our tires when offroad and tips and tricks mak...
  8. O Ironman

    ToyoTires Trailpass - Hood River, OR

    The Ironman 4x4 America team will be up in Hood River over the weekend for the Trailpass vendor fair, free and open to the public! Anyone in the PDX area going to be there? Come say hello, we'll have swag and our beast of a LC200 "Donk" in attendance.
  9. B

    For Sale  ICON Overland Rear Suspension 120 Series GX470/ 4Runner / FJ Cruiser

    ICON Vehicle Dynamics Rear Suspension GX470 / 4Runner / FJ Cruiser $450 2003 - Current GX470 & 4Runner Overland Series 3" Lift Rear Coil Springs 2003-UP Lexus GX470 & Toyota 4-Runner 2.0 Aluminum Series Rear Shock (1-3" Lift) I installed on my GX about 4 months ago and just swapped out to a...
  10. Desert Toy Shop

    For Sale  60/ 62 series ARB FT AND REAR BUMPERS W SWINGOUT

    Hey we have a ARB BULL BAR AND REAR BUMPER W SWING OUT. USED! good shape also have a roof rack but no mounting hardware Located in Mesa, AZ. Contact Mike @ 4809693320 Desert Toy Shop for more details'
  11. A

    Some of Peter's Mill Run shot on Skydio R1 in 2017 Land Cruiser!

    Alright Mud... so I finally got around to cobbling together some shots from my trip to Peter's Mill Run in NoVA a month ago using the Autonomous Skydio R1 Drone (This thing is incredible). Full disclosure... when I took the trip i didnt really have a video in mind so there is no logical opening...
  12. trythebluebutton

    For Sale  Portland, OR : Wilco ADV SL 6ft bed rack Toyota Tacoma

    $1500 obo / local Portland OR only / possible delivery to 'local' area. hit me up. used one year with Tepui RTT and ARB awning. have awning mounts and Hi-Lift brackets for side rail mounting. holes drilled in both crossbars for ARB awning brackets and in driver side rail for Hi-Lift. excellent...
  13. Tad Dayton

    For Sale  *SOLD* 92 FJ80 Land Cruiser for sale, OME lift and 35 inch tires, needs work, 260 k miles

    had a breakdown in our beloved "ethyl" the FJ80 Land Cruiser on the way home from camping, and I've been too busy to work on it, or even find out why it died. It does not currently and is a project vehicle, sold as is. It has a Red Eye Fabrication Front bumper that is very heavy duty and a...
  14. 80 Sack

    For Sale  1994 FZJ80 Expedition Build - 158,000 Miles

    Up for sale is one of the best built 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80s around. It has been built and maintained by an OCD 80 series fanatic willing to take the time to do things right. It has NOT been worked on by ANY mechanics trying to get the job done quickly to make $$. Unless otherwise notes...
  15. rayhyland

    Rallies  NW Overland Rally 2019 - June 20-23, Leavenworth WA

    This will be the official thread for the NW Overland Rally in Leavenworth WA (2 hrs from Seattle). June 20-23, 2019. www.nwoverlandrally.com has most of the official info, but we will post up fun stuff here, who is coming, cool classes, etc. This is also a good place for questions and requests...
  16. N


    Hey everyone, First time posting on here/first time on an auto forum in general/first time buyer. I’m currently looking at purchasing a 1997 Lexus LX450 that I’d like to turn into an overlanding/camping rig. The inside and external body is in near mint condition, however I’m uncertain as to...
  17. aphil

    Checklist for Basic Overland Build - 100 series

    Hi all, I'm back after 2 years. I sold my last 100 series 2 years ago because I needed a sedan for work due to the miles I drive. It just didn't work for me to build out the cruiser for overlanding/camping as well as use it as a daily driver putting 30k miles a year on it. This time around i'm...
  18. N

    For Sale  2000 Tacoma **BUILT**

    Looking at selling my Tacoma. It is a great truck and runs like a champ. It does full power brake burn outs with the rear locker on no problem. It runs very strong! It has been all solid axle swapped with a Toyota front axle. It rides really good and smooth unlike some swapped rigs. 70mph down...
  19. Danibal

    For Sale  Long Beach CA - M101 Canadian (like US M416)

    M101 Canadian military trailer (like a US M416) converted for overland or camping trips. Super solid trailer, but easy to tow. Custom steel roof with stainless steel hinge and dual shock struts is easily strong enough to hold a roof top tent or rack. I used to have an ARB tent mounted and it...
  20. kalebob

    kalebob's 2000 Land Cruiser Build

    The Orgin Story Hello all - new to these parts and to LC/off-road vehicles in general. Went though high school driving a string of turbo Audis from the 80s and currently have a 2001 A6 with the 4.2L V8 that I swapped from an auto to a 6 spd manual. After realizing that 2 inches of clearance...
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