For Sale 1995 FZJ80 w/ Factory Lockers - Blown Head Gasket

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Bought the LC in 2015 with 255k miles completely stock with the prior owner never offroading it. We taught him how to use the lockers on the test drive... We lifted the truck with a TJM kit running 35's and have used it as our camping/trail rig for the past few years. At the first of the year, we moved up to San Francisco from Southern California and since then have only been occasionally DD'ing it on a short commute from San Francisco to Emeryville. It's currently at 288k miles.

1. We started having overheating issues in Spring of this year, bursting a few hoses. Tested the HG and it checked out. We replaced a few parts of the cooling system (not a full overhaul) trying to fight the problem. The truck continued for another month or so before the problem ended up culminating in a full blown head gasket with milkshake in the oil cap. I limped the truck to my work parking lot, where it's been sitting since.

2. The LC began to have some power steering and steering gear box issues since we moved into the city and started to parallel park the truck on the regular. The large tires making tight turns on concrete/asphalt was no bueno. What was a semi-loose steering wheel problem has since turned into intermittent power steering issues with a steering wheel that changes positions after every parallel park job.

3. The brakes have had intermittent issues of a very stiff pedal. We believe the issue is a vacuum problem with the brake booster.

4. The truck has had an intermittent misfire from the common EGR heater pipe problem. We've wrapped the engine wiring harness with some heat wrap and tied it off to where its no longer touching the EGR pipe.

5. The 4 problems above, along with the fact that we no longer have a garage to wrench on the vehicle made us start looking for a replacement FZJ80. We've finally found one in Southern California and will be driving this truck up on Thanksgiving weekend to Redwood City to swap over the lift, shocks, and front seats into the "new" truck. We'll be returning this 1995 FZJ80 back to its stock form as much as possible, and we'll be selling it like that.

6. The truck isn't in the greatest shape cosmetically. For the interior, the leather is cracked and we've removed much of the fake wood paneling as it was falling apart. Outside has signs of trail use (dent in rear bumper, scratches in paint, etc).

1. Factory front and rear e-locker that works great. It's been reliable on all the trails we have done. It clicks out pretty quickly as well.

2. Front axle received a knuckle rebuild on each side in Summer 2016. Was a piece of mind repair not due to necessity. We're not sure if the knuckles were ever rebuilt prior to that point.

3. Transmission is running strong, shifts great. It's been maintained regularly.

4. Sound Deadening Mats have been installed in all the doors which has really helped to quiet down road noise with M/T's.

5. All interior lights in the vehicle have been upgraded to LED.

6. We're not going to need all the parts from the new truck we bought, rear bumper, tow hitch, running boards, etc. So if you want this for parts, we can throw in quite a few extras between the two trucks.

With all that said, its a solid platform for someone to build off of, or a great parts car for someone. Like I said above, we found a new FZJ80 in Southern California and will be driving this truck up on Thanksgiving weekend to Redwood City to swap over the lift, shocks, and front seats into the "new" truck.

We'll be swapping the parts over the course of this weekend, so the car is available as early as next week. Give me a call/text/PM to discuss. 951-231-3959

$2500 OBO

I'll post pictures from when we bought it in 2015, and then some more pictures when we're done swapping the parts over. I can take pictures of anything you want as well, just text me.





The suspension swap is complete as of today and this truck is ready to sell. We ended up leaving the manual seats in the truck(we used them with seat covers). If you want any specific picture let me know.

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