For Sale 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 (Central Cal)

Sep 11, 2015
Central California
"Bullwinkle" has been a good truck, but needs a new home.

1993 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ80
4.5L L6 FI DOHC 24 V
All-Wheel Drive
206K miles


Biggest issue by far is the transmission, which is why the low price.
Had it checked out by a trans specialist shop that does a lot of
Toyota / Land Cruiser work, and they confirmed what I suspected.
It shifts directly from first to fourth, and needs replacing with
a good reman--the sooner the better.

Cooper Discover A/T 35" LT315/75R16 with 15K miles--a lot of tread left.
OME 2.5" lift kit with steering stabilizer shock
AC blows ice cold
Nevada high desert and California vehicle. No rust.

Kargo Master Safari roof rack

Kargo Master Safari Roof Rack

It's fairly drivable, for now anyway. Leave it in 2 when starting
out, and shift into D at about 40. Cruises fine at highway speed,
and I recently did a six hundred mile trip without incident. It might
be able to go another 20-30K like this, or it could flake tomorrow.

I like the truck but am taking a different route vehicle-wise, regardless.

Fantastic Yosemite/camping weekender. Holds an enormous amount of gear.

Used to have the third row seats, but no more. Took up too much useful
cargo space and I got rid of them.

Minor ding left rear. Taillights have been replaced with better than factory
LED assemblies, both sides. Not a huge deal to fix the ding.

Uses some oil. I add a half quart about every 500 mi between 3000 mile changes.
Motor otherwise has been solid; no overheating or other issues.

Slow leaks some trans fluid at the rear seal, so I've topped it off at
oil change time. Somewhat a moot point since the trans will need to come out

IIRC, Toyota Land Cruiser didn't have air bags until 1995, so this one doesn't.

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser Specifications
1993 Toyota Land Cruiser Consumer Reviews

$2500--fair price for a once-upon-a-time-$50K vehicle that's drivable and
decently sound. The tires, OME kit, roof rack, and winch might be worth $2K,
so you'd have the rest of a solid base builder FZJ80 for < $1K, at any rate.

I'm going to wait a couple days before posting to the CL tire-kickers,
so ih8mud gets first crack. Come and get it.

thanks for looking :)

toyota_93lc_fr_left_low_angle.jpg toyota_93lc_int_back.jpg toyota_93lc_int_drivers.jpg toyota_93lc_lr.jpg toyota_93lc_rf_dirt.jpg
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Sep 11, 2015
Central California
altoyo here again...forgot to mention I'll throw in a brand new, still-in-box Badlands 9000 lb winch.
Up to you to mount it, but it comes with the truck.

Sep 11, 2015
Central California
Running a special here for ih8mud--I'm lowering the price $100/day till Bullwinkle has a
new home. If he's still around at $1500 (ten days from now, 9/22), I'll also put him on
Craigslist for $2000 and drop the price $100/day there for 10 more days, plus keep dropping
the price $50/day on ih8mud. Thus, if he's still around, he'll drop to $1000 both places on 10/2.
I'll go one day after that (10/3) at $900.

If he's still around on 10/4, Pick-n-Pull is his new home ;) That'd be a shame, but if that's
what the deal is, that's what it is. He's going to be gone in 3 weeks, one way or other.

So, today: $2400

thanks, altoyo
Sep 11, 2015
Central California
Today: $2200

Just a brief note that this truck is completely drivable, not a tow casualty.
If you're within 1000 miles of the west coast, minimal concerns about driving
to a new home, unless you'd need to drive a lot of steep up-grades. Flat
or rolling hills, no problem.

thanks, altoyo
Jan 2, 2014
Coalinga, CA
Ooohhhh Day late and a dollar short. I was excited to see an 80 for such a price.
I know its sold but I'm curious, I'm new to 80s and don't know much about them but, what is the fuel mileage roughly?
Do the 6cyl perform better than the 3.0 found in the early 90's 4runners?
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