1991 FJ80 3FE conversion to 1HZ-turbo (1 Viewer)

Aug 3, 2015
Nova Scotia
Awesome project @CarolinaCrusier! I would someday like to stick a Toyota diesel under the hood of my '91. 1HZ-T would be an attractive option due to the bio-fuel friendliness of the IDI design and simplicity of the 1HZ.

As you may have already figured out, your stock full-time 4WD transfer case isn't going to bolt to that H55F. From what I gather you'll probably need a split case from a 60/62 series (part-time 4WD).

This thread might help shed some light on what you'd be in for with regards to driveline mods (if you haven't read it already):

H42 four speed manual transmission into 1992 FJ80


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