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Oct 27, 2015
United States
1989 land cruiser Fj62
192,875 miles and counting
I'm the 3rd owner of this FJ, I bought in October. I am not mechanically inclined so i had some immediate mechanical fixes done by kenny Kent Toyota mechanic in Evansville, In. I can hope to answer any questions about vehicle that you may have as well as take any extra pictures and be forthcoming with what I see or know about truck as much as possible. The truck was leaking a fair amount of oil onto ground when I got it, it is now not leaking onto the ground. The car shifts and drives very nicely. It's currently a second car for me and gets driven afew times a week. I'm moving and don't have room for two cars of my own. And frankly I don't have the time needed to bring the car back to where I think it belongs. The truck seems to be a great base for someone to put some time and love into it. I recently had an inspection done by local Toyota dealership here in bloomington, In. I have the short list of stuff they suggest fixing that I can send your way and I'm considering that when pricing the vehicle. I'm flexible off of asking price. I'm sure I'm forgetting important information but please feel free to text anytime or email me if you prefer. 812-431-2949
-What's been replaced so far.
•rear main seal
•oil pan and seal
•front breaks
•I also have the front right bumper cap and chrome license plate light assembly that I have yet to install or have installed.






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