1983 BJ40, European Market #Wire Diagram #Engine block crack #frame resources

Sep 21, 2015
Hello ALL
I just purchased my second Land Cruiser, first one was 35 years ago in Kodiak Alaska, today I own one in Clark Philippines. I am in desperate help for resources.

  • My B engine has a small hairline crack and seeping water. Does the 2B engine fit where I have a B? Are there any good resources out there that can sell me an overhauled engine?
  • Both Front ends and back ends of my frame are badly corroded, I need back bumper, back brace frames, front frame under the grill and a new Radiator mount. I also need the front flanges that mount to the front bumper and inner webs of the frame. Lots of corrosion but not worried, thats what media blast is for.
  • The previous owner never fixed any wiring issues...he just ran new wires to bypass the problem. I am having a crazy time trying to sort the wires...does ANYONE have a wire diagram for a 1983 BJ40 European delivery car. I will take any help on this.
  • I am looking for 5 wheels, the standard OEM steel stamped wheels and hub caps, also could anyone recommend what tire was standard with the BJ40 back in 1983. I have insanely huge tires on the car now and it drives terribly, I want to bring my Land Cruiser back to factory standards.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, if you cannot answer here my personal email is SchofieldAero@gmail.com I am Henry & I am the proud owner of a project 1983 BJ40. I have many photos posted in my personal photos section. Thank you Thank you.
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