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  1. B

    For Sale  B Motor Manual Diesel

    For diesel B Engine. 25 dollars. Buyer pays shipping.
  2. modeststeve

    SOLD  Fully Rebuilt B-Engine (California)

    Hi there, Recently rebuilt my Toyota B engine, and ended up getting a sponsorship from Cummins. www.CleanCruiserProject.com The rebuild has roughly 700 miles on it. What I've done (All parts sourced from Engine Australia): New head Reseleaved (Not just honed) New Cam Reground Crank 1mm...
  3. V

    correct fuel lines setup in a 40 series diesel?

    Hi everyone. I been trying to start my 1978 BJ40LVK since is been sitting too much. Engine crank but doesn't fired. Checked everything and found that when I try to start the engine feeding fuel from a small canister , the engine fired and runs fine. But when I connect rubber hose to steel...
  4. Mateo H

    Help/Advice: Rebuild a B or other fixes?

    Ok, I have a situation with my truck and I need some advice and opinions. I've gotten some, but since I have a bit of time before making a final decision, thought I'd get some more. I have a 1980 BJ40 with a B engine. I've only owned it for about 3 years, and it was not exceptionally well taken...
  5. W


    I just installed a turbo on a B Engine (8 psi) but as you know, more air needs more fuel to get more horsepower. Does anybody know how to calibrate the diesel pump to throw more fuel? Thank you! Wil
  6. Glennmerkel

    Parting Out  B engine

    Parting out the rest of the engine. This is the same one that was listed a few weeks ago in CO that has the cracked block. PM with your needs. I'll be able to get stuff shipped out within a day or 2 after pulling. If anyone is interested in the heavier items like the head or bellhousing, I got a...
  7. A

    B engine Oil Pump (assy case)

    greetings. I have this B engine 11411-56020 with a broken oil pump. I am tryng to find the spare part but here in Costa Rica it is almost impossible to find that part and neither on the internet, there I found a very look alike but don´t know if it will fit... By logic I need an 11301-56020...
  8. M

    rebuild of my 1976 B engine...finally

    Hey all, Been about 4 years since my last post.. Had a kid, and the old bj 40 quit working at the same time... Finally getting around to it for a full rebuild...Got her stripped down and ready to go to the machine shop for a clean up and press in new sleeves, cylinders, etc. The quote was pretty...
  9. modeststeve

    B engine rebuild 1979 BJ40

    When I first bough her, she was a little bit smokey and seemed a bit loud... I thought the somewhat loud pinging was perhaps injector nailing. I drove her for a few hundred miles and figured, what the hey... why not have the injectors cleaned, and ensure that they are opperating at spec. I never...
  10. savvas

    B to 15B-F swap

    Edited (Feb 2017): This turned out to be a frame off restoration of a BJ43 with a 15B-F and h41 so scroll down for more info. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not really a swap thread yet, but hopefully soon enough. Tomorrow...
  11. Henry Schofield

    1983 BJ40, European Market #Wire Diagram #Engine block crack #frame resources

    Hello ALL I just purchased my second Land Cruiser, first one was 35 years ago in Kodiak Alaska, today I own one in Clark Philippines. I am in desperate help for resources. My B engine has a small hairline crack and seeping water. Does the 2B engine fit where I have a B? Are there any good...
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