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Feb 15, 2005
United States
1971 FJ-40 Body- has significant rust in the both rockers and the driver side pan is pretty much gone. Rear corners also have significant rust and there is a piece of diamondtred steel that has been welded over the originial cargo floor in the rear. I have already knocked out the rusted metal and bondo put in by the PO. Its ready for sand balsting. This stuff will be easily fixable in you or someone you know has an sheetmetal fab/welding skills. I have new body panels that I have made to replace the rusted areas. All other body parts (hood, bib, fenders, etc) are in good condition. I also have the original doors that have a little rust at the window sill. These would make great hard half doors (why I kept them)

Motor-The engine was replaced by the PO with what is supposedly a 79 2F. The engine has a Rochester 2G carb on it. I have had this carb rebuilt but I still have a hard time getting it adjusted to run smooth. I would recommend the new owner to use this carb as a stand-by trotline weight. The engine has a 6-in-1 header and ran smooth before I went through the carb rebuild. The exhast system probably needs replacing. I have also installed a pertronix electronic ignition system that works great.

Tranny-Trans is a floor shift three speed with the factory three speed case.

What it doesn't have-It is missing both the front seats. I have both rear long jump seats but they will not currently fit in the vehicle due to the fact it has a later model FJ-40 roll bar in it. The guage cluster glass is cracked and I'm pretty sure most of the gauges do not work. The windshiled also has a crack in it.

***Asking $1200 OBO ****

I have several other parts listed in the parts for sale section. Thanks, and let me know if you have any ?'s


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