1961 FJ25

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I sent them an email. Hopefully I hear back from them. I would love to frame off restore this!
Also, if someone else happens to snag this first, take a look at the wiring harness coming through the firewall. I would not run it until you get those brittle things addressed. If you don't know why check out my burnt fj40 resto. project...
I have tried emailing these people a few times about the truck. No response. I am guessing someone else purchased it.
I got a response when i asked if he'd sell doors and bows separately.
My guess he is overwhelmed with the response he received and worked out he's selling to cheap. Start Making silly offers guys.
sent another email today. We will see what happens. I don't need it, however that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to have it!
if i had a way and time to get it home, i'd go for it. probably better that i don't ;)

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