For Sale 100 Steering W Core - 80 Oak Mat & More Parts

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    Jan 5, 2015
    1. UZJ100 Steering Wheel from 2002 Land Cruiser. $20 plus $17 regular USPS or $33 priority. This is good for recovering or as a core. Color is dark gray

    2. 80 Series Floor Mat in Oak/Brown. Out of a Lexus. Very good used condition. $35 plus shipping

    3. Lower Dash Plastic 80 series in Oak/Brown Under Steering Wheel Plastic and Ignition Cover $20 plus shipping

    4. Rear Floor Mat for UZJ100 2002 - Brand New came from the new set that I bought. I'm keeping the fronts and selling the rear. $30 plus shipping.

    5. Right Side Passenger Side Used FJ80 Floor mat in Used Condition. Missing Land Cruiser Logo. Otherwise in decent shape. No holes or excessive wear. $30 plus shipping.

    6. Free Mile 4x4 Stickers - Just PM me your address.

    Also, I have a brand new still with Tags set of 80 series floor mats. I see Cruiserparts is selling used for $$$. So, I would possibly sell. Only if you have a restoration project that warrants me selling them.

    PM me if you have interest in any of the products above.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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