1. cclemow

    For Sale 80 oak sun visors

    Oak visors by cclemow posted Mar 18, 2017 at 9:31 PMOak visors by cclemow posted Mar 18, 2017 at 9:31 PMOak visors by cclemow posted Mar 18, 2017 at 9:31 PMsolid condition oak sunvisors. Not perfect but pretty clean. Good option for someone's replacement. Stiff mechanisms. Shouldn't sag. Had...
  2. cclemow

    For Sale 80 series full oak leather interior/seats

    Second and third row in good condition. First row in usable condition with nice matching leatherette covers. Came out of a '97 that I was using as a DD without issue. Did remove forward reverse gearing on passenger side for install of upgrade. You see the blue stain on second row seat...
  3. cclemow

    For Sale 80 oak interior, sun visors, refinished wheels and more

    Just looking to clear out some parts from the garage after a near complete restoration of a 97 Collectors Edition. Oak leather interior : Came out of a DD. Was serving me well in my 97 Collectors Edition. Lucky enough to find a LX450 interior that was mint so upgraded. Seat motors and...
  4. Javelin

    For Sale Black Oak LED 40 inch SR Lightbar Socal

    Selling my 40 inch single row light bar from black oak led. If you aren't familiar with these guys they make a great product and it's half the price of Rigid. Owned both rigid and Black oak and I can't see a difference in performance only in price. Link New - 40 Inch Single Row Series: Led...
  5. 0

    For Sale 100 series Land Cruiser Second Row Seats (Oak). Los Angeles, Ca

    I have a set of second row seats from a 1998 LC100 with 240k+ miles. They are the beige/tan (Oak) color. My nine year old son cleaned them up and took some pictures of them for your viewing pleasure. If you are a mud member, you can pick them up in LA for $100. I will be putting up ads on...
  6. dogfishlake

    Wanted Oak right rear door panel 97 fzj80

    I'm looking for a right rear interior door trim panel in oak for my 97. I don't need the armrest portion but i'll take it if its what you have. I need one in very nice condition- no damage to dark vinyl on top and nice carpet on bottom. Mine caught something on the bottom and wadded the corner...
  7. Strand4x4

    For Sale Dash Plastic Trim Oak/Brown Cluster Trim - 80 Series

    I have a Dash Trim Piece The Part that has the Ignition Hole. The color is Brown/Oak. #9 in the parts diagram Part # 5541360020 . Price is $25 plus shipping actual cost. Also, the part still has the dash light dimmer. I'm not sure if that is working, but it is included. Other Parts, I have 1...
  8. Strand4x4

    For Sale 2nd Row Floor Mat 80 Series Oak/Brown LX450

    I have a very nice 2nd Row Rear Rear Floor Mat 80 Series or LX450 by Strand4x4 posted Jan 29, 2016 at 9:13 AMFloor Mat in Oak/Brown. This is OEM from a Lexus. $40 OBO plus $15 to ship.
  9. danadog

    Colour matching the tan/oak interior.

    So for an upcoming project(s) on the 80 I need to color match some interior plastics. From many searches here on mud I have come to the conclusion that the tan in our 80's seats etc. is #42 from the following chart on the URL. However can anyone tell me what # would match the darker brown...
  10. Strand4x4

    For Sale 100 Steering W Core - 80 Oak Mat & More Parts

    1. UZJ100 Steering Wheel from 2002 Land Cruiser. $20 plus $17 regular USPS or $33 priority. This is good for recovering or as a core. Color is dark gray 2. 80 Series Floor Mat in Oak/Brown. Out of a Lexus. Very good used condition. $35 plus shipping 3. Lower Dash Plastic 80 series in Oak/Brown...
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