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  1. G

    SOLD  1996 Land Cruiser Steering Wheel

    Oak leather. Usable condition if yours is ratty, but best as candidate to send off and get restored so you don’t have to go with a wheel for a month. price is $100 plus shipping. Located in Birmingham, AL
  2. Beehanger

    Steering wheel making odd clicking sound, feels stiff at certain points it turn

    hi all, Posting a video on some clicking noises and intermittent stiffness in different points of turn revolution of the steering wheel. The grip is also coming lose, probably the glue wearing down and the leather feels loose. Not sure if it’s time for a new steering wheel. 85’ 60. I got pissed...
  3. Red Beard

    Steering Wheel Rewrap - To perforate or not?

    For those of you who have rewrapped their steering wheels - did you do the perforated leather? Do you like it? From what I've gathered, it looks awesome and could add a little bit more grip. But I wanted to see what everyone thought after having it installed for a while. I'm looking into Craft...
  4. F

    Clicking noise when turning wheel

    As the title suggests, I have a clicking noise coming from my wheel when it turns. I just noticed it when pulling up to work, so I believe this is a new issue. Any ideas what it could be? I had a mechanic tell me that “something in my steering column was knocking around” when I got my steering...
  5. Coyomog

    For Sale  Clover, SC - 1991 HDJ81 exhaust, trailer hitch, rear bumper assembly

    I have the following 80 Series Land Cruiser parts for sale. They were either bought for, or removed from, my 1991 HDJ81 Land Cruiser VX. * Complete steering wheel assembly with back cover and center cover with air bag. It is in good shape and can be used as is, but comes with a stitch-on cover...
  6. vjpkrmnc

    For Sale  CA: Wood Steering Wheel off 2006 100 Series

    $150 plus US shipping. It's in near perfect condition. It came off a 2006 Land Cruiser but I don't think it originated on the vehicle--as the vehicle originated in Mexico and doesn't have the other typical niceties (like ahc, lumbar, etc). There are two nearly imperceptible scratches on the...
  7. tlovvorn

    Do I have to remove steering wheel to install new turn signal?

    I am trying to install turn signal on the column of my 72 FJ40 and it seems the only way it will install is to remove the steering wheel and slide down the steering shaft. Am I missing something? I have read that removing the steering wheel involves a special tool and I would rather avoid that...
  8. skhochay

    if FJ62 steering wheel fit FJ60?

    if FJ62 steering wheel fit FJ60?
  9. T

    Wanted  100 Series LX470 Wood Grain Steering Wheel

    Wanted: LX470 wood grain steering wheel (and wood grain gear shift if available). I currently have a 1998 LX470 with a battered leather steering wheel but through a little bit of research I believe I can install a wood grain steering wheel from later years. PM if you have something.
  10. 4060seriesnut

    Wanted  Brown LC 80 Series 1995-97 Steering Wheel

    Looking for the late 90s Steering wheel (airbag version) in brown for the 80 Series Land Cruiser. Thanks!
  11. mesa man

    Wanted  1963 fj40 steering wheel used 36 spline

    I need an old usable factory steering wheel for my 1963 fj40 that's not going to cost a fortune, I may have the center piece. I have a 1978 steering wheel off a fj55 I would trade. Thanks for any info.
  12. E

    Need mechanic in Eagle/Vail area for motorized tilt steering wheel issue

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and just bought my first Lexus, a 2001 LX470 with 123k on it. The previous owner has taken pretty good care of it. I was a little wary of buying a vehicle that might require expensive repairs to a very sophisticated vehicle but took the chance since the price...
  13. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: FJ40/BJ40/FJ60 Restored/Re-manufactured Steering Wheels

    Hello Mud! I recently had three 40 Series Steering Wheels from the 80s (I believe) restored! I've had them repaired, any previous cracks and dents are all gone. The wheels were then cleaned, primed and painted. After the final polish, I'm putting them up for sale, since I don't have an FJ40...
  14. Nathos

    For Sale  Charleston, Steering wheel

    FJ40 steering wheel, good condition needs some cleaning. $40+ shipping
  15. shiretowndown

    New Sequoia Owner, “Big Burgundy”

    Ok so I sold my ‘03 LX470 and now I’ve got an ‘08 Sequoia....and I am really liking it. She’s an SR5 with 161k on the clock and heated leather, rear entertainment and JBL Synth. Has the ReadyLift 3”F/2”R SST lift kit installed riding on BFG all-terrains. Couple of questions: (1) I really...

    99 LX470 - Steering wheel options

    I recently bought a 99 LX470 with 340k miles on it. it runs great and smooth. The steering wheel is in pretty bad shape and I am looking for options in how to fix the situation. Does anyone knows if there is another Toyota/Lexus steering wheel that will fit and looks good? Since this is my...
  17. L

    Steering wheel cover

    The steering wheel on my newish to me 09 LC is fairly worn out and the slick wood paneling makes it difficult to drive with my knees which is some thing that is pretty important to me from time to time. So I picked up this cover from Amazon that requires some sewing and looks very nice. If...
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Factory Steering Column Cover FJ80 for 1991-1994

    The nicest one I have ever found in a car! These are also called clamshells No damage in any way. No cracks, No warp, No broken connector arms. Really Nice In SoCal $101.40 including shipping within USA. It has not been worked on or patched. It is for cars that...
  19. a_traut_man

    Steering Wheel Recovering in Austin

    Hey everybody. Final wore a hole in steering wheel of my 100 over our Christmas road trip, anybody know of someone around Austin who does wheel recovering? I called up Cardenas and they don't do steering wheels. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
  20. socaloffroad

    For Sale  1969 FJ55 Steering Wheel + Column

    again guys I am relying on the community here for fair market value I dont want or expect sky high ebay prices, I just want to get what is fair for it, let me know what its worth and make an offer, this would be super hard to ship prefer local pickup 858-361-3990 Parts by socaloffroad posted...
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