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  1. shiretowndown

    New Sequoia Owner, 2nd Gen, Questions?

    Ok so I sold my ‘03 LX470 and now I’ve got an ‘08 Sequoia....and I am really liking it. She’s an SR5 with 161k on the clock and heated leather, rear entertainment and JBL Synth. Has the ReadyLift 3”F/2”R SST lift kit installed riding on BFG all-terrains. Couple of questions: (1) I really...

    99 LX470 - Steering wheel options

    I recently bought a 99 LX470 with 340k miles on it. it runs great and smooth. The steering wheel is in pretty bad shape and I am looking for options in how to fix the situation. Does anyone knows if there is another Toyota/Lexus steering wheel that will fit and looks good? Since this is my...
  3. L

    Steering wheel cover

    The steering wheel on my newish to me 09 LC is fairly worn out and the slick wood paneling makes it difficult to drive with my knees which is some thing that is pretty important to me from time to time. So I picked up this cover from Amazon that requires some sewing and looks very nice. If...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Factory Steering Column Cover FJ80 for 1991-1994

    The nicest one I have ever found in a car! These are also called clamshells No damage in any way. No cracks, No warp, No broken connector arms. Really Nice In SoCal $101.40 including shipping within USA. It has not been worked on or patched. It is for cars that...
  5. a_traut_man

    Steering Wheel Recovering in Austin

    Hey everybody. Final wore a hole in steering wheel of my 100 over our Christmas road trip, anybody know of someone around Austin who does wheel recovering? I called up Cardenas and they don't do steering wheels. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
  6. socaloffroad

    For Sale 1969 FJ55 Steering Wheel + Column

    again guys I am relying on the community here for fair market value I dont want or expect sky high ebay prices, I just want to get what is fair for it, let me know what its worth and make an offer, this would be super hard to ship prefer local pickup 858-361-3990 Parts by socaloffroad posted...
  7. CarlSeattle

    80 series steering wheel swap/cut

    Hello fellow 80-heads. I've a 94, the last non-airbag year. I'm not too concerned for the lack of an airbag but I am annoyed by the uncomfortable "triple spine" steering wheel. I know, I know, First-World LC problems, right? Currently my wheel looks like this: I'd much prefer it look like...
  8. L

    Stiff steering wheel at 3 /9PM

    In my 2001 LX (222k miles), I have an issue with my steering wheel where at 3PM and 9PM, the wheel gets extremely stiff and difficult to move. It will make the turn but it takes extra force. I don't hear any weird noises, creaks, groins, or gears grinding. At every other point the steering feels...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Steering Wheel Center with Airbag 1995-1996-1997

    SoCal $100 + $17.40 shipping. The brightspot on the picture is from the flash, it is in very nice condition with no discoloration or cracks or signs of use. No codes from vehicle it came from indicating any problems, and the car had not been wrecked. Sold with no guaranty on the airbag except...
  10. BeerM3

    SOLD Grant Challenger Steering Wheel

    Pulled from my 1/76 FJ40, this is the 13-1/2" 4 spoke Grant Challenger steering wheel. The installation kit included does fit the late model FJ40 splines and has the holes for the roll pins that cancel the signal switch, but pins are not included. Full disclosure; 1 of the 3 1/4-28 grade 5...
  11. Arailt

    GX470 Steering Wheel Replacement/Refurbish

    Does anyone have experience with replacing or refurbishing their dark beige/gray steering wheel? The options I've found are a B&I replacement wheel, an eBay wheel for an LX that probably won't match my color, or a leather refurbish kit that may or may not match the color. Also, does anyone...
  12. Gnarwgn

    Deferred Maintenance (PO) Advice For a Rookie Hundy Owner...

    Hey Team - Need some help. Picked up my 2001 Hundy over the summer (in my rookie year still) and since have been accruing a list of 'small' deferred maintenance items (thanks previous owner), none of which I believe are that serious (fingers crossed). As a whole however (10 items total), it has...

    HOW TO: remove the steering wheel and replace with a pretty one

    Unfortunately I am VERY late in doing this write up but well...I've been busy. @FloridaFJ80 and I traded some gear (of which I have YET to send him :bang:) and I promised him I'd do a write up and give my feedback. So here goes... First thing first is comparing the old steering wheel with 364k...
  14. HDJdreams

    Lubricant for steering wheel squeak?

    I am pulling my steering gear to get it rebuilt. The FSM says to pull the steering wheel. I was very reluctant to do so, then realized this is an opportunity to take care of the squeaking when the wheel gets turned more than 90 degrees.:steer: Any suggestions on what lubricant to use? And...
  15. B

    For Sale LX470 Steering Wheel

    Good afternoon everyone! I have a 98-02 LX470 steering wheel that still has plenty of life left. It's the tan/oak color. Has the usual wear from a 18yo vehicle. Looking for $150+shipping OBO. Located in Dallas.
  16. Y

    For Sale Late model 40 series steering wheel

    SOLD $125 plus shipping in good shape
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Steering Wheel 91-94 BLACK Rubber Textured XLNT

    JULY 14, 2017 I now have another one exact same quality and condition SoCal Very good condition. Complete, with horn center as pictured. $95 plus shipping. Also one extra horn center without steering wheel, $25 plus shipping. Very Good condition.
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Steering Wheel Column Cover (Clamshell)

    SoCal NOW OFF THE CAR AND READY TO SHIP From a 1997 Tan Color - XLNT condition $92.74 including shipping.
  19. AU FJ40

    For Sale '74 FJ40 steering wheel

    Steering wheel off my 1974 FJ40. Has minor cracks. Shipped to US address for $60. $50 SHIPPED!!!
  20. mikedamageinc

    For Sale 80 series steering wheel, clockspring, airbag, steering wheel with radio controls

    Just need to get rid of a few things, prices neg, just need a few bucks worth the trip to the post office. SOLD 1997 TLC steering wheel, oak, no cruise lever. Catskinz two tone leather cover. $SOLD Clockspring from 1997 TLC $20 Airbag from 1997 TLC, oak. Cover needs to be rivited back on. I...
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