1. FZJDoc

    SOLD  2002 UZJ100 Land Cruiser Charlotte, NC 182k

    Hi All Bought a 21 so need to move one. Otherwise I'd keep on trucking in this. Would save for my son but 7 years is just too long to hold onto. I believe I am the second owner. Out of Arkansas originally and now in NC. No rust issues. Frame is in great shape. No rock crawling but have taken...
  2. J

    For Sale  WNY Lexus LX470

    I am looking to sell my 2004 STOCK UNMOLESTED LX470 with 214,000 miles on the clock. I've tried several times to sell it on here to no they say third time is the charm. I bought the vehicle from a gentleman in Michigan who purchased it from an older gentleman in southern Indiana...
  3. MarkyB

    SOLD  SoCal 2003 LX470

    Excellent condition LX470, also known as 100 Series Land Cruiser. Lexus just added some more bells and whistles. This beautiful beast will take you and your family and your extended family literally anywhere you want to go. Full time all wheel drive, high and low, center diff lock, AHC delete...
  4. G

    Prospeed Roof Rack Easter Sale $100 off CODE UZJ100

    As the title stated, Use code UZJ100 for $100 off of Prospeed Rack. I'm not affiliated with Prospeed, just wanted to spread the discount. Cost should work until the end of next week.
  5. O

    Factory UZJ100 winch not working

    Hi. I have a UZJ100 Dubai version with a factory winch. I just got a winch controller with part number 3864035010, but unfortunately when I plugged it in to test, it wouldn’t turn off. I posted photos of the winch and the wiring below.
  6. aedgington

    SOLD  Houston, TX - 2002 LX470 - 167K mi - rust free - mint Carfax

    Time for me to finally admit the kids don't want to go camping/hang out with dad anymore. I'm the second owner, since 2006. Carfax shows multiple owners but that's because my ex-wife got in in the divorce and I bought it back from her a couple of years after that. Texas truck it's whole life and...
  7. M

    For Sale  Charlotte NC, 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Exterior video: interior video: undercarriage video: Under body video showing how clean - Vehicle Description As I stated in the previous description this vehicle was owned by a lady in Concord and it was her every day car and she never got into any wrecks at...
  8. JunkCrzr89

    Wanted  100 series *front* mudflaps/mudguards

    Looking for a useable pair of FRONT mudflaps (mudguards) with mounting brackets for 98-02 UZJ100.
  9. cwilli20

    The Duke

    2001 LX470 "The Duke" Blue Vapor Metallic (8P6) Taupe (88) I came about The Duke in March of 2020 from a gentleman in WY that the vehicle is aptly named after. This will serve less as a build thread and more of a telling of the vehicles history with some build/maintenance speckled throughout...
  10. ikellymo

    AHC Specs?: Petrol and Diesel

    Does anyone have a good number for the AHC suspension cylinder bore diameter for the UZJ100 with AHC models, and for bonus points, the HDJ100 (diesel) models with AHC? Anyone know if the diesel AHC system is the same or different? As in, are the target pressures any different than the petrol...
  11. npicciandra

    ISO Rear Name Plate in 3Q2 (Dark Red Mica/Black Garnet Red) - 75441-60500-D0

    I'm having issues finding this name plate in any color other than silver or black. It seems that Toyota has discontinued this part in the 3Q2 color code. Anyone have any leads? I reached out to Cruiserparts and they stated that they would try and order from Toyota, which I know is a dead end...
  12. H

    SOLD  Houston-2004 LC

    175k miles. I purchased in 2016 with ~120k miles on it. I am the 3rd owner. The truck was in Ohio until 60k miles when it was moved to San Angelo, TX. I had the San Angelo Toyota dealership go through the truck before I purchased it. Thundercloud Metallic; grey interior 1 yr old Yokohama...
  13. B

    SOLD  Winston Salem, NC: 2000 Lexus LX 470 UZJ100

    15 years of Lexus service records from original owner in Chattanooga, TN. Then truck was purchased by the service manager from the Toyota dealer in Chattanooga. I purchased about a year ago, and have installed Thorley headers, new steering rack from CVJ, newer AHC globes, new brakes, oil packs...
  14. athensrep

    For Sale  1999 LX470 Rust Free - Atlanta - SOLD

    Rust Free 260k SOLD I bought this a couple of months ago for my wife so she could get out of her beat Tacoma. She likes it, but the sunroof isn’t working and she likes the gas mileage on her Tacoma. Yeah...I know. It’ll be a great start for someone as it’s a GA/FL truck that’s rust free. It...
  15. bryanlewis83

    For Sale  Miscellaneous uzj100 parts ECU/Interior/switches

    Have a bunch of random uzj100 parts comment or PM with your request. Buyer covers shipping steering wheel center with functioning air bag - $75 Rear climate control - $75 Visor set - $100 for both or $50 per side Upper console light/sunroof switch - $75 Middle row roof light - $50 Driver side...
  16. P

    Wanted  Portland: 2006 Land Cruiser - what's a fair price?

    Hey guys, found and fell in love with this cruiser for sale in Portland, but I'm concerned it's priced too high for the mileage (but this would be my first cruiser so I could be wrong! That's why I'm here). It has 243k miles and is currently listed for 18k. So, I'm here (hoping it's okay) to ask...
  17. M

    For Sale  2006 Land Cruiser - No ACH - 224K Miles - Mississippi - $16,000

    I hate to do it but I am selling my cruiser. I started a business and had to buy a new diesel truck and I told my wife I would sell it. It has been my daily driver for a little over four years. Timing belt and water pump replaced around 200K miles, I will have to check the receipt to see...
  18. J

    For Sale  2001 LX470 185k Jackson, MS

    2001 LX470 with 185k. The truck runs great with no issues. It still has the original AHC system and have recently installed king AHC springs on the rear. I replaced both exhaust manifolds shortly after buying the vehicle around 150k miles (Toyota manifolds). One year ago I replaced the lower...
  19. JDM Journeys

    JDM Journeys

  20. JAntosch

    FREE  SLC, UT: '04 LC100 Headlights and Turn Signals

    I retro'ed HID's into Depo's, so these are up for grabs. Fully functional, not leaking at time of removal. The reflectors are somewhat faded, and one tab each on DS headlight and PS turn signal are missing but will stay in place. Thought these might be useful while someone is retrofitting their...
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