1. LandCruiczar

    Thoughts on what to upgrade first?

    Howdy! Relatively new to the LC community. Got my UZJ100 around a year and a half ago at 188k. It's now at 201k. Here's a small breakdown of what I've done since. Don't get excited, it's all maintenance, no upgrades: odometer job, parts, fluids, etc. 188.1 CV & Tierod (L), rear axel seal...
  2. S

    For Sale 1998 Land Cruiser 185k PHX $8000

    Hey guys, I have a 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser with 185,000 miles. Starts up and drives great. Originally from Texas and owned by an older woman. Was shipped here over 3 years ago. Was kept in great condition, usually garaged or under a sundrella (no paint fade). I have a folder of receipts and...
  3. MadMeak

    2006 LX thermostat/heater issues

    I’m dealing with a couple small issues on my 2006 LX and am looking for some help troubleshooting. #1. In the summer, my AC only blows cold on max AC. If I set it up to 65 or 72 it blows hot like it’s on HOT. #2. Just noticed this issue today. Temp setting turned all the way hot and my...
  4. P

    PMcB's hundie and diy thread...

    I've had a few 80 series, and one hundie Lexus before, and we just found ourselves with another hundy. A 99 with 215k, that spent most of it's life as a mall crawler in California as evidenced by the ht tires, wedding ring damage on the steering wheel, and the cleanest undercarriage I have ever...
  5. cruisermon

    For Sale SOLD Total Chaos 100 Series Upper Control Arms

    I've got these listed on eBay for $600 but will sell here for $550 plus shipping from 84117. Total Chaos Uniball Upper Control Arms Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series 1998-2007 | eBay
  6. R

    For Sale 1998 - LX470 - $5,900 Philadelphia/Southern NJ

    1998 Lexus LX470 (Gold). I have owned it since January 2017 and really enjoyed it. I have used for highway driving between Philadelphia and southern NJ beaches with my dogs but haven't been using it as much so I am parting ways with it. Cosmetically it does have bumps and bruises and some...
  7. J

    For Sale SOLD 1998 UZJ100 SO CAL $6750.00

    98' UZJ100, 249k miles. $6750.00 Hey there, im selling my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser with 248k. LC has been very well maintained. I get lots of complements on it. 2 owners since 2006 (and ive only had it about 18 months. Large folder full of maintenance records, and original documentation...
  8. M

    For Sale 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale - Fully Overland Prepped & Outfitted - Excellent Condition

    *** LATEST UPDATE: Current price is $19,500. Vehicle (and us) are currently in Boston for the foreseeable future. *** Have you ever dreamed of ultimate freedom? Doing a cross-continent trip for half a year, a year or more? Or just being able to go off the grid anywhere you want for a weekend...
  9. mrahc

    Builds mrahc's UZJ100 "Build/Adventure" Thread

    First Day: It'll be interesting to see how the thread pans out, as this is my first attempt at a "build thread." Now, this really isn't for anyone but myself, more as a means to track what I do, and what I want/plan to do; I highly doubt this will be of use to anyone unless you just enjoy slow...
  10. athensrep

    For Sale $5000 - 2000 white UZJ100 - High Mile Club - Atlanta

    Due to the fact I have a 70, Tacoma and Hilux and need something better on gas for my commute, this needs to go. I hate to get rid of it as it’s been rock solid for the year I’ve had it. It has 320k on the clock but needs nothing and runs, drives and shifts great. I have a stack of records from...
  11. Exiled

    Builds UZJ100 Hunting Rig Build

    I've never done a build thread but I'd thought I'd give it a try this time. Life long Cruiserhead, early member of IH8MUD and former TLCA member but I've been away for 10+ years, got busy with life/family/work. 31 years of uninterrupted Land Cruiser ownership, mostly 60 series and 70 series. I...
  12. T

    For Sale 2006 LX470 - 143,000 Miles! Built to be used!

    Please contact through number in link. Located in Utah.
  13. Mr Plow

    Mr Plow's "$900 '99 UZJ100"

    I'm starting a build thread for my "$900 UZJ100"! This car was discovered through my personal mechanic/LC expert Jacob, listed on Facebook Marketplace for $2,200. I went to go check it out and discovered the 2UZFE motor in it was completely blown. Like, bad. Beyond repair. Technically, I...
  14. T

    For Sale 2006 100 Series - 192k miles - 17k - Oregon

    A friend of mine is selling his very well cared for hundo. Located in Eugene, OR: 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser
  15. G

    For Sale 1999 Land Cruiser - 2nd owner - Dealer maint. w/ all records 257K mi Houston TX

    Bought the vehicle in Feb 2001 (1 1/2 years old and 18,800 miles) from the CFO of the local Toyota dealership here in Houston TX. He was the first owner and it was his every day driver. My wife drove it for the first 9 years, and has been my every day driver for the last eight plus years. When...
  16. car-car

    For Sale 2000 UZJ100 – Thoughtful Expo Build - SoCal

    2000 Toyota Land Cruiser 225,000 Tan Exterior Tan Interior Selling my 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. We are the second owner of this vehicle, with it being a California truck for the entirety of its lifetime (passes emissions with no issue and tags current through November). It is in good...
  17. Dzrtcrzr

    For Sale AHC components

    Selling AHC components out of my lx470. Everything was in good working order when pulled. I pulled just to convert to conventional for ease of parts if ever needed. I would prefer to sell the lot of it together. I’m not selling shocks because I dropped one and damaged the port and IMHO there’s...
  18. corleykj

    For Sale 1999 100 series. 212k. Casper, WY

    Thanks for checking out my 1999 Land Cruiser in my favorite color, river rock green mica. 2 owners. 1 owner and Toyota maintained until 165k miles. I purchased about 6 years ago and have taken the miles from 165k to 212k. Timing belt done at 98k miles and again at 200k miles. 285 75r16 Cooper ST...
  19. paulbgardner

    For Sale Silver 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser 169k miles

    I bought my second 100 series two years ago and intended to use it as a secondary Expo truck to take friends and family camping alongside our fully built 100 series. Reality has dictated otherwise. My wife needed a different around town car and it made no sense to have two of these sitting...
  20. S

    Recs for Rooftop Tents for 100 Series

    Hey folks! I’m thinking above getting a rooftop tent for my 06 Hundo, and I was wondering if anyone out there has any insights/recommendations/advice/warnings, etc. Another important consideration for me is whether there are rooftop tents that can be mounted using the OEM roof rack, or do ai...
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