1. CPACruiser

    For Sale Lancaster, PA FZJ80 Gray Leather 3rd Row Seats

    $400 OBO I have a set of 3rd row from a 95 FZJ80, they're in perfect condition and are the gray leather color. Pics upon request as I have them in storage currently. Pickup or meetup within 50 miles.
  2. shaezoe

    For Sale San Diego. 1989 fj62 Land Cruiser for sale.

    Selling my 1989 Fj62 Land Cruiser I have owned it for about four years and have absolutely loved it. New catalytic converters Rebuilt transmission Rebuilt engine (inline 6 3fe) New brakes front and rear (rotor/calipers/bearings) Recent paint job (5k) New tires. Bf Goodrich 32” KO2s Old man...

    For Sale Third Row Seats - $Free OR Shipping - From 2010 LX570, Grey, Good Condition (

    All bolts/facia included, good condition on the leather, (the work, obviously), grey interior color. I'll upload more pictures when I have the good sense not to snap an awful picture and head out of town for two days. Do not hesitate to make me an offer, these things seem to be all over the...
  4. R

    For Sale Bay Area, CA: 80 Series grey leather seats, decent condition, working motors

    Howdy again, $200-Come and take them! Drivers seat: Decent condition, some leather tearing and cracking. Front/Back motor kinda works, only one side of the track engages, Recliner and Lumbar both work great. Passenger: Decent condition, front/back works, as well as the recliner
  5. fj62steve

    Wanted FJ60 GREY CARPET

    LOOKING FOR GREY CARPET FJ60 to match my grey fj62 carpet with 5 speed conversion.
  6. fj62steve


    looking for a great condition front grey carpet to fit in my fj62 with h55f conversion. looking for just front grey carpet. located in san diego CA thank you!!!
  7. fj62steve

    Wanted Grey Fj60 Carpet

    I have an fj62 with grey interior with the H55f transmission. Looking for a good condition grey carpet
  8. Bluetribal

    For Sale FJ80 grey cargo area carpet - San Diego, CA

    I have for sale the main section of the rear cargo area carpet in grey. It is not perfect, it has a few stains but the backing is still firmly attached. The front plastic strip in intact as well. Asking $150 and that should cover shipping to any place in the lower 48. I can accept Venmo or...
  9. M

    Pros/Cons of black/grey/silver paint on GX470s

    I'm leaning towards grey (ash blue mica) or silver (silver pine/titanium metallic) BUT a few black (black onyx) GX470s have caught my eye... Anyone have any issues with the black paint... I had a civic back in the day and it had crazy paint swirls that drove me nuts... I'm guessing they'd be...
  10. Octave Zangs

    SOLD 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 - Only 116k Miles (OR)

    UPDATE: Indeed as @Mookies suggested my truck's odometer seems to have been rollbacked at some point in the 90's. I wish I had checked Carfax earlier but as I truly like this community I want to be as honest as possible. So now I can just say that the mileage is unknown but the truck feels like...
  11. B

    Wanted Driver Side Front Seat Belt Grey for 93 FJ80

    I need a grey seat belt for the drivers side front seat of a 94 fj80, let me know if you have one that's in good condition and not torn or stained
  12. Jnschoch

    Wanted 3rd row grey - great to mint condition (Tampa,FL)

    I am looking for a 3rd row in grey. Great to mint condition. Depending on asking price will consider paying shipping for anyone out of state. Please send pictures to Cash is fine for in person but all other transactions would be Paypal. Thank you!
  13. georgebj60

    Sand beige exterior, grey interior

    As the title says: sand beige exterior with a grey interior. Was this ever a factory combination? I'm considering it for my future truck, but have never seen it. Does anyone have any pictures of this combination?
  14. Gabriel 71

    For Sale 1994 FZJ80 Jade Mica Green Grey Interior 172000 miles

    1994 Fzj80 Jade mica green with 172,000 plus miles. Grey Leather interior. Minor oil leak but doesnt have to add between changes( according to owner) Not mine posting for a friend. I do not have pics to post at this time. driver seat has issue possible seat gear. The guys name is Sledge lives in...
  15. fireball

    Can we make he grey dot bigger?!

    Woody any chance of enlarging the grey dot that takes you to the latest post on a thread? Without Tapatalk trying to read the forum on my phone I try to hit the dot to go to the newest post but about half the time I get the thread originators profile page! Thanks for the consideration!
  16. seventysixers

    For Sale (UT)fj60-62 headrests grey

    I have four nice condition fj60-62 headrests in grey (blue) $25 each plus shipping. Text if interested 801 209-7396
  17. K

    For Sale FJ-62 (1989) two rear seat headrest, vinyl, grey (Virginia)

    (SOLD) Two vinyl grey, headrest for a 1989 FJ-62 land cruiser. I believe they were for the rear seats but may also fit the front seats. I purchased both for my 89 FJ-62 but they may also fit the FJ-60 series. Good condition. No rips or tears. Please look at pics. Selling together. $60.00...
  18. seventysixers

    For Sale (Ut) FJ -62 center console grey

    SOLD. I have a nice condition fj62 center console for sale 50$ plus shipping text
  19. mcewan13

    For Sale Grey '03 in Portland, OR | 79k miles

    Details: Bone stock. One owner Dealer maintained. Gray. $24,900 on CL $24,500 to the MUD community. Imperfections: East Coast car. Minor surface rust and corrosion visible in a few areas. I will get detailed pics as soon as we get a sunny day and I take the rig out for some photo ops...
  20. R

    Grey leather seats

    I have some grey leather front and rear seats if anybody has a need. I found some cloth ones to replace these. Passenger front mechanically inoperable. Free for anybody that lives in Montana. Also have fiberglass flares that majority of the attachment points are broken r/t me tearing them...
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