1. BHillteq

    Cruisin Hills Adventures

    My wife and I are by no means expert videographers, nor world traveled explorers. But we are inspired by them, and share the same desire to get outside, explore new places, and share our experiences with friends and family. Both of us are Toyota fanboys/girls respectively, having owned Pickups...
  2. JohnnyFish

    Overland Bound: When a Toyota R&D Engineer Builds and Overland Rig: Extended Cut

    Very interesting discussion of the Dan Rich's 80, the TRD supercharger prototype rig, in the wild.
  3. yjeff

    YouTube - OverlandBound FZJ80 Locked and Loaded: Overland The World Rig Walk Around

    CSC, A quick video produced by Michael at OB over Overland Expo weekend was just released tonight on Youtube. I was happy to see continuing interest in the 80 series platform from this media outlet, given I'm not even a member of Overland Bound, give it a look. FYI - I had no affiliation...
  4. Mighty690

    Oil analysis Youtube video

    I inadvertently came across this video of a 300,000 mile Ford engine oil analysis. It's a good video explaining what a Blackstone report can show. The engine was maintained and is performing well apparently, but the results are very informative. FWIW. Scot
  5. Green Hell Mustang

    ONSC Channel Thread

    I've recently found myself watching more and more YouTube and Vimeo channels online than I do anything else. I believe I'm not alone in this, @GLTHFJ60 does the same thing. I've also found myself struggling to remember which channels on YouTube people tell me about or tell me to subscribe to...
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